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One day last week after I’d finished feeding my two old sweeties, as I drove away, I stopped to close one of the gates I’d come through.

Once I’d secured the latch, I watched the herd of oldsters, curious about what they do when I leave.

They shuffled around the area where I’d fed them, and then began a single-file trek down the lane toward water or another part of the pasture.

On this day, Red was in the lead, followed by Baby, Amigo and Chickadee.

Bud brought up the rear.

And Miss P. remained by the gate. She seemed to be considering her options. “Go with my herd, or settle down in the shed for a siesta now that my tummy is full?”

Bud took a few more steps and then stopped. He looked back at Pepper, then toward the herd, which had continued to move away. He turned and walked to join his friend.

This is where my heart melted.

I know I’m putting human emotions on horse actions, but you’ve noticed I do that sometimes. And this was such a tender gesture. It was as if Bud didn’t want Pepper to be alone in the shed.

These two have been together for nearly twenty years. They’re best friends.

And it is so very comforting to be with someone who has known you forever. You don’t have to go to the work of learning about each other. That dance can be exhausting, though granted, it is also rewarding.

But old friends know you and love you in spite of your quirks. They love you – warts and all.


New Friends/Old Friends

Eons ago when I was a Brownie, we sang, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.”

As a girl of eight, I had no idea what the song really meant. I was young on the planet and everything and everyone was new to me.

I hadn’t yet learned the sweet comfort of old friends.

These days, it’s a different story. I totally understand how old friends are pure gold, and new friends are all shiny and silver.

Both are precious commodities.

As for Bud and Pepper, they’ve known this all along. I shouldn’t be surprised!


P.S. This is Bud’s week to shine. All week I’ll share stories and photos of our personable Appaloosa. On Thursday he has a big birthday, and you’re not going to want to miss the celebration!




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