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E Mail Flyer

There is a wonderful collaboration of artists gathered this weekend at the home of Gary and Carol Ann Hixon. If you’re looking for inspiration,  a Mother’s Day (or other) gift, or especially, something lovely for yourself, this is the place.

Maybe you just need/want an outing. Well, head to the Hixon’s home.

It’s a treat in and of itself.

My name is on the list of artists, but I only have a couple of things in the show. On the other hand, my sister Jane, the other half of Two Sisters Mosaics, has some gorgeous mosaic birdhouses, butterflies, dragonflies and these really fun mosaic rocks.

Now that we’re thinking about our yards, having unearthed them from the several feet of snow we’ve had, you might want a little somethin’-somethin’ to decorate your patio, deck, or garden.

Support your local artists!

It’s a good thing.

And they/we are ever so grateful.

A Mosaic Butterfly Project for Crossroads Safehouse

Imagine living in fear for your life.

Living in a house where you and your children aren’t safe.

Imagine feeling alone. Helpless. As if you have nowhere to turn for help and no one to offer it.

It’s a horrific feeling, and yet every single day across this country thousands of families experience just that.

And then imagine the flood of relief when you find a warm, welcoming, SAFE place to shelter you.

A place where you can breathe easy and relax.

A place where you find resources, support and most important, safe haven.

A place where you can get your life together; see other options; make plans.

In our community, Crossroads Safehouse is that place.

It’s an awesome organization that does so much for families.

Last fall they moved into a new building where they can serve many more families.

It’s a beauty of a place – open and soothing.


They have a small meditation garden off one of the wings, landscaped by a team of volunteers.

They decided the grey cinderblock walls that surround the garden needed a bit of color.

Mosaic, they decided.

Enter Two Sisters Mosaics.

We took one look and immediately wanted to help.

We are installing butterflies along a thirty-nine foot wall of grey concrete.

It’s going to be awesome!

We invited community members and artists to contribute butterflies and/or dragonflies.

Both are symbols of hope, rebirth, and freedom. And they are beautiful.

On a Wing & a Prayer was born. We’ve been busy making winged creatures – by the end of the project I think we’ll have close to a hundred beauties to wing their way across that wall.

Artist: Jane Sullivan

Butterflies to inspire.

Butterflies to encourage dreaming.

Butterflies to befriend and support.

We’ve started a blog to document our progress.

I hope you’ll follow this link and have a look at the amazing artwork.

I’m not even close yet to getting it all on the blog site, so please sign up to receive email updates so you won’t miss a thing.

Our plan is to install the project in mid-May after we’re certain the danger of frost is past.

Artist: Jean McBride

Imagine sitting in a garden, a gentle summer breeze ruffling your hair and a line of butterflies and dragonflies in every color and configuration possible making their way across a wall before you.

For just a few minutes, you allow yourself to dream of a different future than the one in which you found yourself.

The one from which you escaped.

Let the butterflies show you the way.

Every year the Fort Collins Cat Rescue throws a shindig called the Whiskers ‘n Wags Jubilee. It’s a fundraiser for this wonderful organization, whose mission is to ensure that every pet is wanted.

That alone is a big task.

They describe themselves as a limited admission, no-kill shelter. That means, because they find a home for every cat they take in, they can only accept a limited number of needy cats.

And sadly, there are many, many needy animals out in the world.

This year the theme of the Jubilee is The Whiskers of Oz. Artists in the community were given a paper-mache cat on which to work their magic. These Grand Cats as they are called, are then auctioned at the event.

This year, my sister and I (Two Sisters Mosaics) accepted the challenge of creating a Grand Cat, and chose the character of the Tin Man.

We played with the idea of what might happen to a curious black kitten on a mission to explore every nook and cranny of a busy kitchen. Our little guy found himself scampering among a bunch of  empty tin cans. Next thing you know, he’s popped his head through one of the cans, and somehow a funnel falls in place on his head.

Of course, we’re biased, but we think he’s pretty darned cute!


We had great fun with this project. Now you have a chance to see it – that is if you live in the area. The Accidental Tin Man is on display for the month of February at the Opiate Gallery.

Do stop in and say hello. We don’t want him to get lonely.


There are Grand Cats placed in many other art galleries around town. Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a hunt to find as many as you can?


On Saturday, March 3rd the cats will be taken to the Whiskers ‘n Wags Jubilee for the auction. (Where you could buy one!) You can find more info about the event, or purchase tickets on their website.


A big heartfelt thank you to Fort Collins Cat Rescue for their amazing work.

We had so much fun creating our Grand Cat!

P.S. If you recall, in the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man was in search of a heart.

We hope our little guy will snag yours!

Today I’m using this space for blatant self-promotion. I hope you agree it’s worth it.

If you’re in the area, please schedule time this weekend to visit a lovely little studio in north Loveland – Dimensions in Art Glass.

For the past seven years, the owner, Deb Kessler has invited local glass artists to participate in what she’s dubbed, a  “Glass-Stravaganza.”

It’s an outstanding gathering of first-rate glass art. You’ll find fused glass, blown glass, and mosaic in every iteration you can imagine.

Two Sisters Mosaics, (that would be Jane Sullivan and Jean McBride) is participating in the show again this year.

We’ve done some very fun –if I do say so – birdhouses.

And we’re bringing a couple of Garden Sparklers (all we have left right now) in case you’d like to get a jump-start on planning your spring garden decor!

I’ve always loved supporting local artists. There are people in our community who are quite simply driven to create beautiful things, or they will shrivel up and die. That may be slightly overstated, but…

And even in this down economy, they (we?) continue to make stunning pieces of art.

And collectors continue to add to their collections.

So please come to the show.

Jane and I will be there in person on Sunday, but our work is available on both days.

And our fellow artists will be there in various schedules throughout the weekend. There will be great things for holiday gifting, as well as gifts for you.

Support your local artists.

We’re ever so grateful.

P.S. If you’re not in the area, we love receiving your  good vibes!

Thought Bubbles by Two Sisters Mosaics

Among the many things that draw my interest and keep me busy these days, is the ancient art form of mosaic. Five years ago my sister and I began making contemporary glass mosaic under the name Two Sisters Mosaics.

It has been one of the most gratifying endeavors I’ve ever undertaken. This may sound somewhat melodramatic, and I apologize in advance, but I believe I’ve been preparing to do mosaic my entire life.

I’ve dabbled in needlework, quilt making, collage, mixed media assemblage, and scrapbooking. And each has come in quite handy, as I’ve learned to cut pieces of glass and glue them into a beautiful design.

The Masks at the Museum of Art

For the last four years, Two Sisters Mosaics has participated in a fundraising event for the Fort Collins Museum of Art. Artists and community members are given a blank mask and invited to decorate it.

You Could Have One!

The finished masks are put on display at the museum and auctioned to the highest bidder. Most are done in a silent auction format, and a few are selected for a live auction and gala event hosted by the museum.

This year, the show opens the first of April with the masks on display for the whole month.

The gala event and auction is on April 30th. If you live in the area, you really should treat yourself to see this exhibit. It’s always amazing to see the depth and breadth of creativity from the participants.

My sister and I have worked out a system where we alternate years conceptualizing the mask design and doing the bulk of the work. It is simply too small a canvas for both of us to work at the same time. This happened to be my year.

Thought Bubbles

I wanted this year’s mask to represent the thousands of thoughts that exist in a person’s mind every day. The deep, connected thoughts as well as the random ones that flit through one’s head without ever sticking.

The piece is entitled “Thought Bubbles.”  It’s gorgeous in person (if I do say so myself!) The mask looks like melted chocolate and each turquoise stone and bead represents a thought.

I hope you’ll take a trip to the museum to see it.

And the others.

Of course, I’d love it if you place a bid.

P. S. Leave a comment and tell me what you think 🙂





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