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Time for Tuesday Beauty

It’s days like this that sorely test me.

Can I be mindful and notice beauty in my surroundings when I don’t want to see what I see?

I’m talking about our latest snowstorm.

Yes, I’m grateful for the moisture. Who wouldn’t be?

But holy snowbanks, it’s nearly the last week of April and we’re still wearing winter coats and boots, sweaters and gloves. And nary a daffodil or tulip on the horizon.

I miss spring.

So I challenged myself to find something beautiful, something to feed my spirit and remind me that I’m not in charge of the weather, or much of anything for that matter.

And I came upon these photos of icicles dripping from an old piece of machinery. And it is beautiful – to my eye anyway. I took photos from several angles, but think I like this one best.

So here we go:

We live in a beautiful world.

P.S. We went out yesterday to get Miss P. back in her coat. She ran in at a gallop when she saw us. At the car she was shaking, partly from the exertion but mostly from the cold.

We rubbed her down and got her coat back on. It always tugs at my heart when I see her shivering. She’s ready for spring too!



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