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Our girl Pepper has become known around the pasture as a bit of a flirt. The fact that she is now thirty-two years old and arthritic doesn’t faze her. Or her suitors it seems!

Over the years she has engaged in several dalliances.

Who could forget Red, her bad-boy Mustang?

Or Fred, the boyfriend none of us liked because he bullied everyone else in the Herd of Oldsters.

And then there was Mr. Big from the horse hotel when she and Chickadee spent a couple weeks there over the holidays.


I must say I was more than a little surprised when I arrived at the pasture a few days ago to find Jack banished from the Golden Girls and a new dark handsome stranger in his place.


Dark Handsome Stranger watching his new girlfriend eat her lunch.

Actually it was Pepper and the Dark Handsome Stranger together, with Chickadee off to the side, and Jack nowhere to be seen.

Truth be told, Chickadee seems a little disgusted with the whole thing. (haven’t we all been there?)


“Oh Pepper,” I said. “Not again! This is no way to treat your old friend Jack who has been so loyal.”


Sad to say, loyalty has never seemed to matter to Miss P. when she is driven by her wild and crazy love hormones.


But I have to remind myself that this will pass, like all the others.

And in the meantime, I’m happy that our old girl is still enjoying her life.

What a lesson that is for all of us who aren’t as young as we once were.

Pepper-New Guy

You go girl!



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