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Time for Tuesday Beauty

For many years I kept a page torn from a magazine. It was Central Park in New York City. A sidewalk edged by flowering crabapple trees, early morning mist rising up from the ground, and the walkway carpeted with fallen pink blossoms.

The photograph was black and white, but the blossoms had been colorized.

Somewhere in the many moves, sifting and sorting through folders, purging things I no longer need, I lost that page. I can reproduce it in my mind, so I suppose it isn’t really gone. But I do miss being able to pull it out and gaze at the sheer magic of the image.

For a very short period of time in the spring we are blessed with blossoming trees. This past week I’ve inhaled their sweetness, soaked up their color and been thrilled at the sprinkling of petals in the roadways, on the grass, and covering the sidewalks.

While this photograph is nowhere near as stunning or technically perfect as the one I mentioned above, these scattered blossoms greeted me one day as I walked into my office.  I had to capture the picture.

It was a soul vitamin.

A little burst of wonderfulness that made me happy and put me in the pink for the rest of the day.

We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

It may be windy.

It may be dry.

Snow may still be in the forecast.

But Mother Nature knows that spring is on the way.

And there, nestled among the dried out leaves of winter is one glorious purple crocus keeping hope alive.


We live in a beautiful world!




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