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Hello world!

One evening this week I had a meeting and couldn’t get out to feed our two old sweeties.

When Rick came home he told me there was a new little face in the barn.

A colt that looked a lot like Bud when he was a baby.

That means a little spotted rump.

And long spindly legs that just don’t seem to work all that well.

And bright eyes.

And a soft little nose.

Of course the next day I had to meet this little guy.

When we peeked into the stall he was stretched out beside his mama, taking a nap until we disturbed him. Then he popped up to greet us and have a little snack.

Mama looked tired.

If she could talk I suspect she would have given us a piece of her mind for waking her baby.

She’d been in confined quarters for a week with this little bundle of curiosity and energy.

Clearly, Mama could use a spa day.

We inadvertently violated a cardinal rule of parenting – horse or human:

Never wake a sleeping baby.

So sorry mama!

But what a little doll.



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