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It’s predicted to be in the seventies today and I am doing the happy dance. For some reason the cold and snow has gotten to me this year.

In my front garden I see tiny purple crocus blooms peeking through the dry leaves.

They’re ready for spring.

In the pasture I see the beginnings of green shoots of grass nudging their way through the dry, brown, winter-weary grass. Recently, Pepper found a particularly tasty clump of new grass and nibbled to her heart’s content. It’s been long for the horses too.

And yet I know winter is very likely not finished with us-with March being the snowiest month in Colorado.

I want to remain present in my life and not wish my days away. If it ‘s cold and snowy, I want to be right there in it.

And if it’s a balmy seventy degrees, I want to take that into my very soul.

The trick I think is being right here, right now.

Pepper and Chickadee do it with no problem.

It’s a different story for me.

But I’m working on it.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Snow-covered Fairy

When you live in the Rocky Mountain west, you get used to March being the snowiest month of the year.

I remember many a snowy Easter morning in Wyoming when my sisters and I would be decked out in our frilly new Easter dresses and our winter coats.

I never believed my more southern friends who actually held egg hunts in their yards.

Their yards, I tell you!

In Cheyenne Wyoming that would be a non-event. At the very least, it would be colored eggs perched atop a bed of dry, brown grass, and more likely it would be eggs nestled in snow.

To this day my sister will quote this little Wyoming springtime ditty:

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz…

I wonder what this white stuff is.”

So when this most recent snowstorm hit , I happened to look outside on my deck to see this sweet little garden fairy covered in snow.

Doesn’t she look sweet? Look at the dollop of snow right on her tiny nose.

It made me smile. And value the many tiny, wonderful blessings that come my way each and every day.

We live in a beautiful world.


Time for Tuesday Beauty


March seems to be coming in like a Lion, which I guess bodes well for April.

It was a snowy day yesterday when we went out to feed Miss P.

While Pepper ate her grain, Chickadee held watch at the fence, ever vigilant for hay cubes.

Knowing us, she didn’t have a long wait.

And that’s Minnie off to the right of the photo, eager for her treats.


We live in a beautiful world!



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