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Feel free to hum along with me:

Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and oh so mellow,

Try to remember the kind of September

When grass was green and grain so yellow,

Try to remember the kind of September

When you were a young and a callow fellow,

Try to remember, and if you remember

Then follow, follow.

Try to Remember

Lyrics by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

P.S. Happy Birthday tomorrow to my amazing, kind, generous, talented, funny and wonderful friend Laurel!

Wednesdays with Mija

It’s been a long, hot, busy summer. And for a somewhat introverted, aging cat, it’s been stressful.

Seriously, our house has seen more action in the past two months, than possibly ever.

I did hear my peeps say that toilet paper supplies were running low – a sure indication of the number of bodies in the house.

 Today is the last day of August.

Children are back in school, company is gone and there is the slightest nip of fall in the early morning air. We may still have hot days, but our nights and mornings are cooling off.

Love that! It means snuggling is ever so much more comfortable.

In many ways, September is my favorite month.  I can still doze on the deck in the afternoons, or spend time inspecting the gardens, when I’m of a mind to do so. I have my al fresco water bowl to keep me hydrated, numerous good napping spots, and a cool breeze to moderate the temperature.

My peeps seem a bit calmer too. They’ve returned to our daily routines and life all round just seems perfect.

Ah yes, it’s good to be me!

How do you plan to spend your September? Do tell…


Happy Wednesday!

Time for another potcast from Mija, our little earless grimalkin.

Say hello to my favorite month of the year – gorgeous, golden September.

In Colorado where I live, September is a perfect month. The heat of summer starts to go away, leaving temperatures in the 70’s.

Perfect weather for sitting in pots on the patio, grabbing a leisurely nap in the chairs on the deck, or checking out the plants in the garden.

It’s perfect I tell you.


The neighborhood children are back in the routine of school.

Most of the adults seem back to the business of schedules and work.

All of which leave me with hours of luxurious time in my yard.

And when I crave company, I find the cooler temperature is much more appealing to my peeps, so they spend more time during the day in the garden.

Or sitting on the deck with a book.

Or staring into the distance, just relaxing.

Truth be told, I could do with more than one golden September.

How about you? Do you have a favorite month?

About those great words…

Last week, several of you commented with some interesting words to improve my vocabulary:

  • zerk
  • sylph
  • thrip
  • thigging
  • tenterbelly
  • dumple

I feel smarter already!

Happy Wednesday!



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