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Waiting for the farrier.

As nice as Saturday was, yesterday was nasty. In terms of weather, I mean. The day dawned cold and grey with an icy wind that cut through coats and gloves as if they weren’t pulled tight around us.

Of course it was the day we had scheduled the farrier and the vet.

Double duty.

We made an instant decision to take the horses to the barn out of the wind for their checkups. It was a no-brainer. Actually, the barn isn’t all that warm, but it does offer shelter from the bitter wind, and the illusion of warmth.

Led Behind the Pickup

We tried something new for our horses to get them from the pasture to the barn. I drove the pickup at a snail’s pace and Rick sat on the tailgate holding the lead ropes. Bud and Pepper weren’t all that thrilled with the idea, though Bud quickly adapted. He tried to get his head in the feed pan the entire time. Maybe that’s the horse version of stress eating.

Miss Pepper on the other hand was just plain freaked out about the whole idea. She pulled on her lead and did not walk quietly. Her expressions clearly said, “This is just not right!!”

But we made it with nothing more than one mildly confused Appaloosa, and one irritated mare.

Some might say, “So what’s new?”

On Farrier Time

Once inside, things calmed down. Bud and Pepper munched their grain and we waited. Farrier time is always a bit different than time for the rest of us, so when he said he’d be there in ten minutes, we hunkered down for at least a thirty-minute wait.

Sure enough that’s what it was. We kept the horses entertained by doling out horse candy. The activity kind-of-sort-of kept us warm.


Turns out both horses are in great shape. The daily meds have made a HUGE difference. Both our vet and farrier saw a remarkable improvement in Bud. Everything about him has improved – hooves, immune system, hair coat, and temperament.

Yea Pergolide!!

Our farrier confided that he didn’t have much hope for Bud to make it another year. That was hard to hear, even though deep in our hearts, we knew he wasn’t doing so well.

But now, it’s another story. Those daily trips to the pasture have been well worth every minute.

Comforting each other

As for Miss P. – she’s doing great too. The daily dose of Bute has worked miracles. She’s out of pain, which has allowed her to put on weight. She’s going into winter in the best shape I’ve seen her in a couple of years.


Just thought you’d like to know the good news…




“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Old Friends

Growing old has its fair share of ups and downs.

Perhaps more than its share, and often not so fair.

On the up side are some very cool attributes, like life experience, wisdom, and the ability to see the big picture of life. As we age we develop a worldview that is, with any luck at all, kinder and gentler.

On the down side, aging is not for the faint of heart. Growing old takes more courage than I ever imagined.

Ours is still an ageist society, despite the many efforts for enlightenment and change.

Put simply, we don’t value age.

In many situations, old people become invisible.

Treated as if they no longer matter.

And so, it seems are old animals.

This week, September 19 – 25 has been designated “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week” by Petfinder. If you aren’t familiar with this national organization, follow the link. It’s a great group of dedicated people who help rescued animals find their forever homes.

The focus of the week is to shine a light on animals that get passed over for adoption, and of course, to find them good homes.

A study done by Petfinder showed that 30% of the animals not adopted were seniors. Maybe people are looking for the proverbial Fountain of Youth through their pets. I don’t know, but the number saddens me.

Indeed, babies are adorable – human and animal. I’ve already gone on record about that.  But I also find something quite wonderful about people and animals that have, shall we say, been around the block more than once.

If you’ve read me for a while, you know by the title of this blog, and my passionate descriptions of my two old sweeties, and one personable, earless old cat, how I feel.

My life is blessed by the presence of my senior animals. They are my friends, my companions and my teachers. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

If you’re looking for an animal companion, think about sharing your life with a senior pet. Second hand does certainly not mean second best.

And if adding an animal to your household isn’t on the agenda, think about making a donation to one of the many shelters and rescue organizations that provide respite for abandoned animals.

Here in Fort Collins, with funding resources so scarce, Animal House is fighting for survival. These folks do great work and could use your help.

Thank you!



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