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Wednesdays with Mija

Cats are like heat-seeking missiles. We love to doze in any slice of sun that happens to fall on a comfy stretch of carpet.

Or chair.

Or bed.

Or couch.

Or deck chair.

We’re not all that picky really when it comes to location. The key ingredient is sunshine.

In these autumn days of brilliant blue skies and light that makes photographers weep, I am a happy cat. I spend my days circling the house, following the sun. I know all the best spots and do my level best to doze in every splash of sunlight that enters our home.

Here’s a tip:

Keep your head in the sun and your whole body will feel the heat. Feel free to quote me on that!

What are you waiting for?

This weekend, take a nap in the sun. It will do your soul good.

Happy Wednesday! 



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