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It was the screaming that first caught my attention.

We were doing our usual Friday night visit to the pasture to feed our two old sweeties. The weather was perfect.

I do mean perfect, exquisite, fabulous.

Here they come!

There aren’t enough words to accurately describe the perfection of this particular evening. It was what Colorado summer evenings are about.

The heat of the day had morphed into a temperature that was, well, perfect – as in the children’s story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears-not too hot, not too cold; just right.

Bud and Pepper were happily munching away on their medicine-dosed grain; Amigo and Red were bellied up to the fence waiting for snacks. It was a snapshot of our daily summer evening routine.


Then we heard it again – wild, raucous screaming.

Not the scary movie kind. This was people having FUN. Girls having fun, to be precise. I don’t want to be sexist here, but I don’t think boys scream like that.

Do they?

Just when we figured out what was going on, we saw them. A gator loaded with at least six or seven girls, careening down the road into the hay field.


“Ranger Rick’s” first comment? “Oh, I don’t think they should be driving in their mama’s hay field.”

And my first comment? “Oh my gosh that looks like fun.”

It’s only one of our marital differences!


The dog's having fun too!

We figured it was a slumber party, or at least a party. The end of summer, last-blast-before-school-starts-party.


They’d come; they’d go; and then come back again. It looked like they were giving everyone a chance to drive.


The laughing was infectious. It shot me back to childhood summer memories of staying outside as late as we possibly could, playing hide and seek or other chase games; talking, and reveling in being carefree kids.


There they go!

Decades later, I still have some of those expectations about summer.

When school looms and summer winds down, I get a little depressed for a day or so. I think the fantasy of endless summer is hard wired in my psyche.


How about you?

In the comment section below, share one of your summer childhood memories. What did you do for fun on a summer evening?



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