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Postcards from the Pasture

I’ve been opening up the photo album to give you a peek at times past with Bud and Pepper and the rest of us at Two Old Horses & Me.


Our friend Bryn and Bud more than a few years ago.

Kinda laid back!

We love sharing our horses with our friends.

Postcards from the Pasture

Lukas Papa and Bud

This one is only a few years old, but it is such a winner, I wanted to share it.

Pure joy on that little guy’s face.!

Postcards From the Pasture

Snowy Feeding 1993

Even though this photo was taken in 1993, it could easily have been yesterday.

Seems I have a lot of pictures of our horses eating.

Often on snowy days.

Perhaps I need to broaden my photographic subject matter. 🙂

Postcards from the Pasture

As you recall, every Wednesday for a while, I’m sharing photos from our albums to give you a peek into our lives with Bud and Pepper.


Why is it we never like the way we look in photos?

Pepper and I are both going, “Seriously, we look so much better than this!”

But oh well.

This is what the camera saw on that particular day in the mid to late nineties.

What I do like is having my sweet girl as a friend for so many years. In this photo we’d only been together for about four years. We’ve learned so much about each other since then.

Yesterday when I went out to feed, Miss P. ran up to me as soon as she saw that I was there. We’d been out of town for a few days, so this was an especially tender greeting for me.

I think she was glad to see me.


Postcards From the Pasture

As you may recall, each Wednesday for a while I’m opening up our family photo albums to give you a peek at our lives with our two old sweeties.

Bath Time for Bud-PM

This picture was taken around 1993 – bath time for Bud (and Pepper behind him.)

And who is that handsome man?

Lucky me 🙂



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