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One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is gently stroke my hand along a horse’s nose.

The tactile sensation is simply thrilling.



And the texture of fine velvet.

My horses are quite accommodating of my occasional (like every time I see them) need to touch their noses.

They know me and therefore allow this intimate gesture.

In fact, I think they like it.

Miss Pepper

Of course, they like it best when they also get a treat.

It goes like this:

I talk to each one in accolades as to his or her qualities of beauty, handsomeness, and overall wonderfulness.

Sometimes I sing, which they also quite like.

I think.

At least they don’t complain or walk away

And then I pet their noses, or under their jaw which is another of my favorite spots.

Bud (as if you couldn't tell!)

Last, I pop a bite of horse candy into their mouths.

We’re all happy.

I’m telling you, this works as well or better than medication to ease stress.

There is research about how petting animals lowers blood pressure and reduces tension.

I haven’t exactly seen the work related to petting horse noses, but I’ll bet someone has studied it. And I guarantee you that it makes me feel better.

Every time.




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