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Late last week I took this picture of the columnar aspen in our front yard.

The sun glancing off the golden leaves was gorgeous.

It was as if I had a piece of art through my front window.

Brilliant blue sky, yellow leaves, a sunny day – just what Colorado fall is all about.


And now this morning I took this picture from the same window.

A storm has rolled in; leaves are gone, leaving spindly, naked branches to face the snow.

Winter has come calling.

It is after all, almost the end of November.  Time to hunker down and rest.


It reminds me again of the preciousness of each day, and how important it is to simply be with whatever presents itself to us.


Present moment, perfect moment. (Which I will repeat as I shovel snow and scrape the flakes from my car window!)

Glorious Miss P

Sometimes, by nothing other than pure dumb luck, you take a photo that is so deliciously gorgeous, you want to weep.

Or jump up and down and cheer.

And to me this photo of our sweet girl is exactly that.

The light was perfect.

The sky was majestic.

And Miss P. looked like a movie star.


But more than all that, it captured a perfect moment in time.

Glorious summer evening.

Amazing clouds.

A feeling that I was in exactly the right place, for as long as I wanted to be there.

Nowhere to go; nothing to do but be right there.


I recently read a quote from one of my favorite authors/mentors, Mark Nepo. My paraphrase is this:

Instead of trying to be a celebrity, celebrate being.

Isn’t that juicy?

And so right on?


Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Present moment, perfect moment.



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