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We’ve had company for the past week and what fun it’s been. Days jam-packed with people I love is something so wonderful I hardly have words for it.

Our grandson is just three months shy of hitting the “Big 4.”

How in the world did that happen?

Seeing the pasture through his eyes is always illuminating. This year he was less interested in the horses and more focused on climbing the farm equipment and throwing rocks in the pond. In the process he helped me remember an important lesson about life.

It happened simply, as do most profound moments.


I was busy feeding the Golden Girls when he called to me from his perch on the ladder.

“Lelu could you get me some rocks?”

I looked around but didn’t see a single rock.

“I don’t know if there are any rocks right here,” I answered.

“But I need to throw them in the water.”

Being a loving grandmother, of course I looked again.

Looking again is when the magic happened.

When I turned my attention to finding rocks for my grandson to throw into the pond, I saw them everywhere. Rocks of every size appeared before my eyes, as if by magic.

And the more I looked, the more I found.

I’d scoop them up by the handful and take them to the boy on the ladder. One by one he’d toss them into the pond, giggling at the fun of it. We talked about the ripples they made and how far he could throw, and which rocks made the biggest splash.

When all the rocks were dispatched, I’d go get the next handful.

We did this for quite a long time, never once running short of rocks.

Thanks to this not yet four-year-old wise person, I was reminded of this:


What you focus on expands.


When I turned my attention to finding rocks, I found them.

If I want calm and peace in my life, that’s what I must attend to.

Yet isn’t is often easier to focus on what we don’t want? “I hope I don’t catch that cold,” we’ll say. Or, “I’ll never get this project finished by the deadline.”

Times like this, I’m going to remind myself just how effortless it was to find those rocks.

They were there all the time.

I’m always taking pictures when I’m out feeding my two old sweeties and their pals. Nearly all of the photos on this blog are mine.

In those rare instances when I use a stock photograph, I’ll tell you. It’s not good manners to use other people’s work without giving them credit.

Being with my horses is one of the most healing things I do for myself.

Every day.

I love interacting with Mother Nature – even on those days when it’s a challenge.

It makes me feel alive.



Whatever particular stressor, deadline or problem I’m dealing with is put into perspective in the pasture.

So this week I was doing my usual – handing out treats, talking with the horses, brushing Bud and Pepper, and snapping photos. It was another of those gorgeous summer evenings and all seemed especially right with the world.

When I returned home and reviewed the photographs I’d taken, I found this one of Amigo and Red. Now I ask you, is that the look of two contented horses? Happy boys! They were hanging out with us, waiting for treats and enjoying the attention and the perfect evening.

My wish for you is to have that same look (or the human version) on your face this weekend. Take time, relax, be with people you like and revel in being alive. There is always something wonderful if you look for it.

By the way, I haven’t said this in a while: Thank you so much for reading this blog and being part of our community. I love knowing that you’re out there connected to us. Seriously – Thank you!



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