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Psst. I’ll let you in on a little secret, but don’t tell anyone.

I’m attracted to old guys.

There I’ve said it, but it’s just between us.


The pasture has several adorable old geldings that have wormed their way into my heart.

Sure the young bucks are handsome and strong and powerful.

They are absolutely a force to reckon with.

But the old men of the pasture – oh my goodness.

They too are strong.

And wise.

Look into their faces and you see life in all its many forms. These guys have been around – well-seasoned veterans of the pasture. Not much rattles them.

And I’m telling you, they have a Buddha-like presence.

Calm, powerful and centered.

Of course you know Bud – the star of my heart when it comes to sweet old guys.

And you’ve met Amigo and Red. Also sweeties.

But there are others.

Every so often, I’ll introduce you, so you can fall in love too.

I think it would make a great calendar – “Old Men of the Pasture.”

This is Joe, or “Old Joe” as his peeps often call him.

Joe is one amazing horse.

He knows we are the treat people, and now and then he wanders our way for a little snack.

He isn’t pushy. There’s no drama with Joe. He knows we’ll get to him.

He isn’t very good at playing the hay cube toss. We suspect his eyesight isn’t what is used to be.

And he has a few battle scars.

Well, maybe more than a few.

He’s a sweetheart and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Yesterday when I was out feeding, Joe stood watch. In the late afternoon sun, he looked like an ancient sentinel. A guardian of the land. He seemed to be waiting for an invitation. Such a gentleman!

I called to him and eventually he came closer.

And I made sure he got a few snacks.

Those old guys get me every time.



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