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Wednesdays with Mija

Something is going on at my house that makes me suspicious. My peeps are busy cleaning and organizing. This makes me nervous because I have a very good idea what it means.

My routine, my perfect-as-it-is routine is about to change drastically.

It’s not that my people are slobs – they’re not. But cleaning and organizing are not their first choice of things to do when they have a free moment.

When I hear the vacuum rumbling across the floor, I run away. That thing is too noisy.

And when I smell the Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Countertop Spray, I know.

Truth is I’m quite fond of that scent.

It does make the house smell fresh and clean.

But when you combine vacuum, lemon verbena cleaning spray and de-cluttering, I know company is on the way.

I know how to be a gracious host.

And I will be gracious.

Cat’s honor.

But I’ll also be really glad to reclaim my house once everyone has left.


P.S. The title of this post is psychic cat, NOT psycho. Just pointing that out in case you may have misread it.


Have a great Wednesday!



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