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I see them in stores, especially in the women’s clothing section, perched in a chair waiting. They look awkward and uncomfortable – so far out of their comfort zone it hurts.

Or they sit in a parked car in front of the store, sometimes listening to the radio; sometimes reading; and sometimes staring ahead looking bored out of their minds.

Men waiting for their women to finish shopping.

These days it makes me smile.

Early in our marriage, my husband and I had a “waiting incident.” He was being thoughtful and considerate.

I was being oblivious.

I was working late seeing evening clients in my psychotherapy practice and he worried about me alone in the building.

See what I mean about him being thoughtful?

So on this particular evening, he quietly took a seat in the waiting room, thinking I was still in a session.

He waited.

Thing is, I’d already left the building from another exit. I had no idea he was sitting there, reading Better Homes and Gardens or some other magazine he had absolutely no interest in.

He was worried about me.

Eventually we figured out what was happening, and he came home.

We talked, we laughed, and we coined the phrase:

Men who wait and the women who leave them.

Early this week I was reminded of the “men who wait” scenario when we were at the pasture. We’d finished feeding Pepper and were on our way to find Bud. It still gnaws at me that we can’t feed them together.

But I’m working on acceptance.

No, really I am!

Pepper and Chickadee were bellied up to the fence for treats.

And Romeo, aka Beau was right beside them.


We don’t give him treats. Not starting that. No sir.

Frankly, I’m still mad at him.

To his credit, he didn’t cause a ruckus. He simply waited while his women nibbled horse candy and alfalfa cubes.

For a while he tried to nose his way up to the fence, but when he realized there were no treats for him, he moved away.

He was cooling his heels, if one can use that old expression with horses.

Can one?

Do we even use it with people anymore?

I have to admit that it made me like Beau, just a tad.

At that moment.

Maybe just a little.

Do you have a “waiting story” to share? It will make me feel better if you do!



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