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Well we finally learned the colt’s name.

It’s Sparky.

And doesn’t it just fit this little spark plug?

We also finally caught his mama’s name.

Baby Doll.

So Sparky and Baby Doll are doing just fine these days.

Sparky is growing up and learning about humans and the big wide world.

And Baby Doll is regaining her energy, now that her baby doesn’t need 24/7-care. Parents you do remember that glorious experience when the baby finally sleeps through the night? I think Baby Doll must be feeling the same giddy release!

Though make no mistake, she still keeps a close watch over her sweet boy.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, when Sparky was first trying to figure out why in the world anyone would want anything to eat other than sweet, delicious milk straight from Mama. He just wasn’t getting hay.

On this particular afternoon, he was mainly playing.

I swear I could hear an echo: “Hello down there.”

But that’s just me!



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