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Saturday was a glorious day at the pasture.

The weather was in the high fifties and honestly it seemed more like spring than January. You may think I talk a lot about the weather.

I do.

Sometimes I fear that I sound like Goldilocks in the children’s story where her porridge was either too hot or too cold. My challenge is to learn to simply be in the present with whatever weather the day brings. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it is an ongoing opportunity to practice being present to my life.

Bud, Pepper and I were in the middle of our routine – they were eating and I was hanging out with them and handing out snacks to the usual characters lined up at the fence. The sun was warm on my back, birds sang from the stack of pallets that they’ve turned into a bird condo, and the horses were relaxed, mellow really.

Then I heard a familiar noise, though one I don’t usually hear when I’m with the horses. It was a sort of wheezy, rhythmic breathing.


It wasn’t the gang at the fence. They were bright-eyed and into the snack game.

Who was snoring?

I looked around thinking it might be Tucker, the golden retriever that lives on the property and often drops by to inspect my work and say hello.

Nope. There was no Tucker in sight.

There were two horses in the adjacent paddock, also very hopeful that I would drop a hay cube their way.

Then I saw him – a sorrel gelding stretched out on the ground in a run immediately behind the paddock. He was nearly the color of the ground, which is why I didn’t see him right away. (He’s the one in the middle in the photo above.)

He was grooving on the sun and snoring away.

I tiptoed closer hoping to get a photo for you, but his warning system activated and as I got close enough for the picture, he got up. I’m convinced prey animals sleep with one eye open. It’s how they stay alive.

I felt a little guilty for interrupting his nap. I apologized and headed back to my two old sweeties.

When I turned to look at the paddock again, I saw all three horses standing at the fence talking.

They may have been talking about me and how silly I was to try and sneak up on a horse. They nodded heads, snorted and every so often sent a glance toward me.  Of course they could have been discussing the Super Bowl, or the skyrocketing price of hay.

Who knows for sure?


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