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I miss a lot when I choose to stay tethered to my computer or planted in front of the television. When I’m working on a deadline or doing something much less important like surfing the Web or checking Facebook I lose track of the beautiful world around me.


Last night we were later than usual getting out to feed the Golden Girls.


The day had been beastly hot and we were mired in a heat coma, unable to lift ourselves from our chairs, waiting, we told ourselves, for the day to cool down before we ventured out.


A storm was brewing to the west with ominous pewter colored clouds building over the foothills.

From our vantage point at the pasture we saw the most amazing clouds.

Watching a storm build when you are at a safe distance is an awesome experience. The occasional bolt of lightning sliced the darkened sky and we could hear the rolling of thunder in the distance.

In front of us, Pepper and Chickadee happily munched on grain, a chorus of frogs sang from the now-full pond, horses nickered in the distance and life seemed pretty much perfect.


As Pepper, our slow eater, chewed her final bits of grain, the first raindrops fell. We led her back to the pasture, loaded things into the car and headed for home.


As we drove away I realized how relaxed I felt.

The stress of deadlines had melted out of my body and I had renewed enthusiasm for everything. Some of my best ideas come when I’m with the horses.

So why is it that on some days I fight going?

I don’t take the time to get myself outside, reconnected with nature. And more important, reconnected with myself.


We humans can be so stubborn can’t we?


Is there a place in nature that you’ve missed lately? Is today the day to reconnect?

Wishing you breathtaking cloudscapes and chirping frogs to guide you.




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