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Our sweet girl turns thirty-one today. In human years that makes her somewhere around eighty-seven-ish. One horse website described it as “extreme old age.”

We’re not going there! Not for any of us 🙂

And I say this: Girlfriend, you are looking darned good!

As you know it’s been a rough year for us.

Losing Bud changed all of our lives.

But like every widow I know, Pepper has bounced back. She is living her life,  taking each day as it comes, which is really the only thing any of us can do.


I took this picture a few days ago. Pepper was enjoying a “toes up” in the sun. At our house, that’s what we call naps. She was deeply asleep when I finally found her. I have to say that for just a moment, I sucked in a sharp breath and thought the worst.

Then I heard the snoring – little rhythmic puffs of air. I relaxed, smiled and offered a huge “thank you.”

At first she wasn’t sure she wanted to wake up.

She stretched, and gave me this look that seemed to say, “Can’t you come back later?” Then she put her head back on the grass, thinking, though she kept one eye open, watching me.


“I have grain,” I said in my most encouraging voice.


She raised her head again.  “Oh all right. I’m coming.” After another minute or so, she stretched her legs out and pulled herself up.


As you read this you may be thinking this little story is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

You could be right.

But for me, for us, it feels much more like a miracle. That she is still with us, is an amazing, wondrous event.

I’ve lived with this sweet mare for two-thirds of her life – twenty-one years.

And now as she embarks on this next year, I feel so very grateful to be sharing it with her.


Happy, happy birthday dear girl!



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