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One of the true gifts of being out with the horses is that there is always something going on.

Something to catch my interest.

Something to take me out of my small world and into the wonder of the Big World. It really is the best therapy I can imagine.

So I thought I’d better check in with the two babies, since I hadn’t done so in a while.

Remember June Bug and Larry?

These two foals have touched everyone’s heart.

Miss June Bug has changed color – she’s now growing into her lighter coloring. And Larry is still the goof he always has been.

They race around the paddock, chasing each other, practicing kicking and running. Seriously you cannot be in a bad mood when you are watching these two little beings.

And for that, I am so very grateful.

Three Friends: Red, Baby, Pepper

I’ve written about the meditative aspects of my time with the horses on several other occasions.

Here are a few examples if you’d like to wander down memory lane.

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It’s a Beautiful World

This past Saturday I had a lovely grace moment in the pasture.

So This is Why They Call it Work!

It has been a rough few weeks (months?) for me in terms of a work project. I’ve felt like a gerbil running on a wheel. I run and run and run, but at the end of each day, I can’t see any progress, except my exhaustion.

Apparently they’ve named it work for a reason!

So late in the day on Friday, I had a breakthrough of sorts. At least I could see a small shift.

I began to breathe a bit easier.

I slept all night for the first time in a long while.

I felt infinitely more relaxed.

A Saturday Filled With Grace

Then Saturday was a glorious day. The wind of the past two days had died down. The sun and fifty degree temperatures warmed the horses and me.

The pasture glowed in a golden, sunny light.

I spent longer than usual hanging out with my horse friends. I brushed Bud and Pepper as they ate. I handed out numerous alfalfa cubes to the herd of oldsters.

I talked to them and they listened. Horses are excellent listeners.

I sang to them.

I could be kidding myself, but I think they are especially fond of the oldies rock and roll songs.

It was a mellow afternoon, and the stress just oozed out of my body.

My Friend Joe

When I finally packed up the horse gear and drove off, I had to stop the car to close one of the gates. I saw a horse and rider in the adjoining pasture and I waved, though I wasn’t sure who it was.

As they came closer, I saw that is was Old Joe, the other spotted horse in the herd. We’d named him Griz when we first met him, before we knew his real name. He sometimes hangs out with the oldsters.

“I think he wants to see you,” the man said.

Indeed, Joe was making his way toward me to say hello. So I stroked his neck and asked him how life was going for him. I also talked to the man who sat atop Joe.

“He likes you,” the man said.

“I like him too,” I answered.

After a few minutes of chitchat and horse petting, I drove off, and Joe and his rider went on their way.

I was so touched that Joe recognized me and came to say hello.

It was just the sweetest moment.

To the herd of oldsters and Old Joe, I just want to say this:

Thanks Guys! You’ve enriched my life in ways I never could have imagined.

When I drove out of the parking lot of the grocery store in the late afternoon yesterday, it was raining. The sky was a dull blue-black color and the clouds were dark, menacing really.

The wind had blown leaves off trees and I wondered for a moment if we’d had a tornado.

Or microburst.

Come to think of it, I could hear thunder while I was rolling up and down the aisles, reading labels and trying to buy healthy food.

In the car with the wipers swooshing back and forth in front of me, I made a decision not to go feed the horses.

I figured they’d be hunkered down in the shed anyway.

And it would be a mess out at the pasture.

Was I really ready to deal with mud again?

Besides, I had a to-do list the length of my right leg, which happens to be slightly longer than my left leg. So my list was really long! (Sorry if that falls into the category of Too Much Information!)

We’re getting ready for company; I’m working on a big old project with lots of deadlines, and my husband was working late.

All respectable reasons to skip a feeding.

But in the middle of cleaning house, working, putting the groceries away and folding laundry, it stopped raining.

It got quite nice, as Colorado is known to do.

And I realized that I needed some horse time. Time that required me to slow down, settle down, and simply be with the horses.

So I loaded up grain and meds, changed my clothes and headed for the pasture.

I’m so glad that I changed my mind.

Because if I’d stayed home cleaning bathrooms I would have missed this gorgeous view.

It turns out my guys were in the far end of the pasture, not in the shed with the other horses. The ones they don’t care to be around.

The air was cool.

The sun was setting, giving a lovely glow to everything.

And the horses were playful. They popped up their heads when they finally recognized me.

Pepper started the caravan toward the gate.

At first they walked  with me, but that didn’t last long. And Miss H. (formerly Hanger, but still without a new nickname. We’re considering all your suggestions.) wasn’t with them. I think she has a boyfriend.

Hey, where is she?

Yes, they beat me to the gate. At first all I could see was a row of horse behinds. Then Pepper, ever the vigilant girl, saw me and turned as if to say, “Could ya get a move on?”

The other four continued to look for me outside the gate. Maybe they were looking for my husband who often accompanies me to the pasture in the evenings. Yes, that’s it. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Bud and Pepper went right to their feed pans once I opened the gate. They munched and crunched and nosed around for treats. Bud eventually wandered off to graze in the hay field while Pepper finished eating.

I thought.

I took this photo of Bud grazing and enjoying life. And while I was distracted, Miss Pepper decided to help herself. I heard the crash and knew immediately what it was.

Horse candy.

All over the ground. And one very proud-of-herself Quarter Horse thinking she’d hit the mother lode.

See for yourself. I have it all in living color.

Pepper is busted.

I picked up the spilled candy, and walked Pepper back to her friends. Then I did the same with Bud.

I gave everyone a rub on the forehead and one more treat for good measure.

As I drove toward home I realized my breathing was slower, my shoulders were back down where they are supposed to live on my body, and I was smiling. Actually I was laughing at the look on Pepper’s face as she dove into the spilled treats.

Ah… therapy.

Thanks guys.

Then it was back to cleaning the bathroom.



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