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Can't we stay just a little longer? Puleeze??

Can’t we stay just a little longer? Puleeze??

The Golden Girls have checked out of the Horse Hotel and are back home in the pasture.

It was a dramatic moment when we led them away from room service, the attention of a daily cleanup crew, water only a few steps from the door, and…Mr. Big. He wasn’t one bit happy we were taking his new girlfriend away, and let us know as much by calling frantically to Pepper.

(And she to him!)

Neither Pepper nor Chickadee was sure they wanted to leave the lap of luxury, though both had a spring in their step when they realized their destination. We didn’t even have to use the lead rope–the girls took themselves home.


It’s been a stark contrast in weather terms from when they checked in to the hotel, with temps reaching the low sixties the past couple of days–a glorious time to be in the pasture.


The girls have reconnected with their pals, revisited their favorite spots, and seem to be doing just fine. If the weather turns ugly again, we’ll probably check them back into the hotel. But for now they seem happy to be home, doing their pasture horse thing.

And Pepper seems to have forgotten Mr. Big.

 Isn’t that how vacations go?

You have a wonderful time but then are so happy to be back in your own bed, in your routine, back to your life. I’ve always thought that the main purpose of taking a vacation is to help you remember how much you like your life. It’s good to get away, and it’s good to return home.



It’s been freezing cold here in northern Colorado­—especially so over this past weekend. And unfortunately our Golden Girls were not doing well. They’d been hunkered down in the very back of the shelter, not even venturing out for water, which isn’t a good thing.

So what would two enterprising females do?

Ours decided to check themselves in to a swanky hotel complete with room service, lots of sunny areas in which to hang out, and daily maid service.

The Golden Girls have been living it up with lots of TLC, all the hay they can eat, fresh water only a few steps from the shelter, and their daily ration of grain from us.

And you may notice that Miss P. has a spiffy new red coat—one that is much heavier than her old blue one.

It was a frantic day on Saturday. None of us wants our animals to suffer. They’re like our children. When we got word that the girls weren’t doing well, we had to switch into high gear. But seeing them grooving in the sun, with shelter and no younger, stronger horses to push them out of the hay line, has made all the last-minute running around worth it.

When the temperatures warm up, the Golden Girls will head back to the pasture. But for now, they’ve got room service on speed dial.



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