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Happy Birthday!

Today rounds out the last of our spring birthday/anniversary celebrations.

Miss Pepper is having a birthday.

She is twenty-nine today. And that, my friends is quite an accomplishment for an arthritic horse that has trouble keeping weight on.

She came into this world with a big name: Luke’s King Leo. But that’s no name for a sweet girl, so her owners at the time dug back into Miss P’s genealogy and found Peppy Compadre. And from that (I’m guessing here) they named her Pepper.

Mother’s Day Baby

She was born right around Mother’s Day, and nine years later, I was able to purchase her with money I received after my Mother’s death.

Somehow in my mind, all of that gets rolled into nurturing, mother energy, which has been infinitely comforting over the years. Even though my mother was not a “horse person,” she is with me in spirit every time I’m with Pepper.

As we’ve shared our lives over the past twenty years, Pepper has helped me be a stronger, more confident woman. On so many occasions, she has pushed me far beyond the bounds of my comfort zone. I’ve learned to face fears I never thought I’d address.

With horses, you learn to “just do it.” Whatever “it” is. And when you come out on the other side of it, you realize, deep down in your soul, that you are changed for the better. It’s subtle and yet so profound.

For that Miss P, I am forever in your debt.

When we started this journey together, I didn’t have even an inkling that I would fall so deeply in love.

Yet that’s exactly what has happened. She is part of me at my very core, and that’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!



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