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It seems our summers are taking on a predictable pattern. That is if you can count two years in a row as a pattern.

The other night when we went out to feed our two old sweeties, I had to walk into the pasture to find them. That was surprising, since they are almost always right at the gate waiting for us.

At the far end of the pasture I found Bud, Pepper and…

a young black and white Paint gelding.

Yup, you got it.

Miss Pepper has a new boyfriend.


Apparently, our thirty-year-old mare is hot stuff in the pasture.

The three watched me approach.

Nobody moved.

At first I didn’t get it. I thought they were just hanging out together.

I called and they looked right at me, unmoving.

I’m something of a slow learner!

The deal is, Bud was NOT about to leave Pepper with this interloper, this intruder, this disrespectful young whippersnapper.

No matter how badly he wanted his dinner, he stayed with Pepper.

He’s one loyal Appaloosa.

Eventually, they decided a pan of grain sounded pretty good.

Pepper broke out and  took the lead, Bud followed, and pulling up the rear was the Paint.

He’s young and new to the pasture, and frankly the Herd of Oldsters is somewhat of a safe place to ease into the herd.

No one chases you off.

Or kicks the you-know-what out of you.

As long as you mind your manners, they accept you.


But really, did he have to conscript my mare?

He couldn’t just use the Oldsters as a stopping point on his way into the herd?

Apparently not.

Amigo and Red want nothing to do with him. They didn’t come for their treats, which is quite unusual.

Red, our resident Mustang, seems especially disgusted.

Of course a few years back, he was “the boyfriend.”

This as of yet unnamed Paint is a handsome boy.

And I expect he’s a nice enough horse.

To his credit, he’s accepted Bud. And there’s been no kicking – at least not that we can see. If you recall, last year, Fred was much more aggressive. He hurt Bud and we did NOT like him at all. We were extremely relieved when that affair ended and Fred left the pasture.

“Don’t let the gate hit you in the rear end on your way out,” was our comment when he left.

And now we start again.

As the Pasture Turns, Season Two.

Stay tuned….



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