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I don’t know if you’re at all like me, but I hope you are.

I mean we are human and as such, we’re more alike than not.


I’m looking for soul mates.

Not the romantic kind.

The kind that book themselves on guilt trips.

As I do.

On so many occasions.

Here’s how it went down recently in the pasture.

It was windy.

My hair was standing up, supported by ongoing gusts of wind.

My eyes stung from the wind and dirt.

And my lips were gritty from the dirt and bits of hay that stuck to my lip balm.

It was not pretty!

And did I mention that the wind was freezing?

Well, it was.

I got my two old sweeties settled with their feed pans. They were content to munch away on their grain. I handed out a few snacks to the rest of the oldsters. And I tried to sit on the back edge of the car and enjoy my time with the horses.

It’s just that it wasn’t all that enjoyable.

Cold, windy and gritty are not my favorite adjectives when it comes to describing weather.

So I decided to slip into the car and get a break from the wind. It was a blessed relief to be on the inside of the weather.

I took a deep breath, and settled into the seat. Eventually I peeked in the rearview mirror to assess the damage. I planned to pat down my hair and wipe the first layer of grit off my lips.

What I saw instead was Red, standing at the fence giving me the evil eye. His mane was blowing, his tongue was sticking out and he was willing me to get out of the car and give him more snacks.

Oh, no! Not the mustang mind control.

I looked away.

He held his ground.

Never get in a battle of wills with a mustang.

You will most certainly lose.

That is if you are anything like me, which as I said earlier, I hope you are.

I sighed, zipped up my jacket and headed into the wind. Guilt works with me nearly every time.

Have you been sent on a guilt trip by one of your animals? Or humans? Leave a comment below. Please don’t leave me all by myself in this very human experience.



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