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Pepper-glory days

I’ve been sorting through photos for the past few days looking for pictures for a project I’m working on. I’m also trying to cull and organize.

What to do with these pre-digital snippets of our life?

It doesn’t seem right to keep them stashed in boxes under the bed.

I got caught up in scrapbooking years ago and for a long time I faithfully cropped and decorated and journaled about our photographs.  I’m so glad to have those years of our life all organized and embellished. Looking through the books always makes me happy.

But somewhere around the time I got busier with work, I stopped making scrapbooks, and the pictures accumulated.


This organizing process is taking me much longer than probably it should because I keep getting dragged into memories.

This is my life stored under the bed.

I’ve loved looking again at my son as a baby and remembering each and every sweet moment with him. It’s been a blessing to revisit my mother and father, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my cousins. These are my people and it fills my heart to see them again.


I’m determined to get these boxes of photographs into some kind of order – no matter how long it takes. And then I’ll have to tackle the digital files – though I’m not even able to  think about that yet.


Along the way I’ve found some real gems.

Photos I’d forgotten about. Others that I remember but haven’t seen for a long time.

  • Me in my Halloween costume as a stripper – that one will NOT see the light of day on this blog. Ever.
  • My mother sitting on Santa’s lap
  • Too many adorable pictures of my son to even single one out.
  • Vacations and picnics and holidays
  • All of the animals that have graced our life.
  • Milestone events and run of the mill days

Everything is faithfully recorded.

I’ve laughed at the many “bad hair days” I seem to have had over the years. And longed for the lithe body of my youth.

But mostly I’m simply reveling in the memories.


The picture of Miss Pepper at the top of this post is one from her glory days. She was in her prime and looking darned good. Come to think of it, she hasn’t changed all that much.

She has no bad hair days or clothing nightmares to explain.

Something for which she can be very grateful!


P.S. What are you doing with all the pictures from your life? Scrapbook, boxes, frames??



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