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I have a soft spot in my heart for gentle mares. I think I would be one if I were a horse.

Mama is a gentle girl when it comes to pasture politics. She avoids the troublemakers. She knows to make a wide berth around certain horses. The bigger, stronger horses will push her down the line, and she always complies.

There’s no drama with mama.

She usually stands at the periphery of the Herd of Oldsters gathered at the gate for snacks, looking sweet and oh so hopeful. And each time we toss a hay cube to her, she responds with this expression that seems to say, “For me?  You gave me a cube? Oh thank you!” Think Sally Field’s acceptance speech some years ago at the Oscars.


Mama is a Paso Fino and pure poetry in motion when she runs.

And she’s a great mother.

She still gives motherly attention to her now almost three year old colt. You can see his nose in the photo above.

If she is first to see that we are out feeding, she will sometimes call to Brio until he shows up. I presume she’s saying something like, “They’re here! Hurry up or you’ll miss out.”



Mama has been wearing a very old and ragged polka dot blanket.

At one time I’m sure it made quite a fashion statement, but lately it’s not been in the best shape. More than once, Rick has ventured into the pasture to try and tie up the parts that were dragging around Mama’s legs.



With this most recent cold snap though we noticed that Mama was sporting a new red and blue coat. One that fits her perfectly and keeps her warm.

We were thrilled. (We’re easily entertained these days!)

And she seems to be walking with a little more spring in her step.

When I get something new to wear that I know looks good on me, it always perks me up.

Does the same happen for you?

I doubt that Mama and I are the only two females that benefit from new clothes. What’s new in your closet? Do tell…



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