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It’s been quite a summer here in northern Colorado. We’ve had enough rain to keep the pastures greener than I’ve ever seen. It’s the middle of August and there is still lush, emerald green grass.

The horses are happy campers.

Except for a few.


Mama and her son Brio were sent to a paddock for the summer because the rich grass caused Brio to founder. It’s been a problem for several of the pasture horses.


When we make our trek out to feed the Golden Girls, who by the way are doing just fine with the lush grass, we must drive past Mama and Brio.

Oftentimes they will stand in the corner watching us with mournful expressions. “We’re here,” they seem to say. “Remember us? We still like treats.”


For some reason—notably my wacky way of thinking—when we see these two characters, I hear strains of “In the Jailhouse Now,” as performed in the movie, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sometimes I even sing a little of it, though Mama and Brio don’t find it the least bit entertaining.

I think my husband sides with them too.


And yes, in case you hadn’t already figured it out, we usually stop by the “Big House” to give our friends a hay cube or two.

It’s how we roll!

The "bounce back boy"

Right now we’re living in the land of wait and see.

Last week I told you that Bud, our now twenty-nine year old Appaloosa, was having trouble walking.

Thank you so much for your comments and good wishes.

We have an outstanding support team in our vet and farrier and with their help and expertise Bud is doing much better.

He seems to be relatively free of pain and even manages a little giddy-up on the way to the gate for his grain.

As Laurel commented last week, Bud is the “bounce back boy.”

But he isn’t completely out of the woods yet.

He has Cushing’s Disease which severely compromises his immune system, placing him at risk for a whole host of unpleasant maladies.

Right now we’re watching him to make sure he doesn’t founder, a serious vascular disease of the hoof, and a potential complication of Cushing’s.

It may mean taking him off the pasture with its lush emerging green grass for a while. We’d have to take Pepper with him because otherwise he’d be stressed and wouldn’t eat.

Right now though, it’s wait and see.

It’s encouraged me to reflect on how I live. In truth aren’t we all doing the “wait and see” method of life?

There are no guarantees.

We live each day as best we can, and yes, some are inevitably better than others.

But ultimately we must take each day as it comes.

“One day at a time,” the AA mantra suggests.

And yet again, Bud is showing me the way.



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