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Time for Tuesday Beauty

“When spring came…there were no problems except where to be happiest.”

~ Ernest Hemmingway

It’s the first day of May  and what better way to usher in springtime than with a close up of gorgeous apple blossoms bursting forth?

None as far as I can see!

Don’t they resemble rose buds?

We live in a beautiful world.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

For many years I kept a page torn from a magazine. It was Central Park in New York City. A sidewalk edged by flowering crabapple trees, early morning mist rising up from the ground, and the walkway carpeted with fallen pink blossoms.

The photograph was black and white, but the blossoms had been colorized.

Somewhere in the many moves, sifting and sorting through folders, purging things I no longer need, I lost that page. I can reproduce it in my mind, so I suppose it isn’t really gone. But I do miss being able to pull it out and gaze at the sheer magic of the image.

For a very short period of time in the spring we are blessed with blossoming trees. This past week I’ve inhaled their sweetness, soaked up their color and been thrilled at the sprinkling of petals in the roadways, on the grass, and covering the sidewalks.

While this photograph is nowhere near as stunning or technically perfect as the one I mentioned above, these scattered blossoms greeted me one day as I walked into my office.  I had to capture the picture.

It was a soul vitamin.

A little burst of wonderfulness that made me happy and put me in the pink for the rest of the day.

We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty


My Aunt was crazy about chickens. She named hers; worried about each and every one. She had dishware with chickens on it, as well as numerous chicken-themed decorative objects in her home. She loved her birds!


As a kid, I never totally got it. I couldn’t see the beauty. They just seemed like noisy, pain-in-the-patooty birds. Now I see the error of my thinking.

Chickens are really quite beautiful. And when you pay attention to anything, you always see more.

The people who run the little store where we buy some of our horse feed keep chickens.

It’s a special treat when I can get a dozen eggs along with the grain and other horse-related goodies I’m purchasing. These are true free-range chickens. No depressing factory farm with thousands of chickens jammed into cages. These girls see the sun every day of their lives. They scratch in the dirt, scavenge for bugs, and fill their days with whatever it is chickens do. And they produce eggs with the most brilliant yellow yolks. Absolutely gorgeous!

So one day I was snapping a few photos of the chickens and I was terribly amused by this character that was obviously ignoring the “no parking” sign.


We live in a beautiful world!


P.S. Is there something you find beautiful that others might not appreciate? Enlighten us and help us grow…

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Faded Glory

I have no idea what this piece of equipment does. I just fell in love with the faded, chipped  paint and all those coils. The symmetry is what I was after when I snapped the photo.

For me it’s yet another reminder that we can find interesting, beautiful things all around us.

The challenge is to slow down long enough to see them.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

These round bales of hay fascinate me. I’m never sure how you use them or monitor the amount of hay your horse is eating. It’s rather  like a twenty-four hour restaurant.

Our two old sweeties don’t get them. Round bales are reserved for horses in certain paddocks.

But one afternoon I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these shaggy rolls of hay. I especially love the texture – all those strands poking out of the perfectly rolled bale.

They remind me of cinnamon rolls.


We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty.


Sometimes we are blessed with a quick glimpse of something magical, and then as quickly as it comes, it leaves.

That’s what I experienced with this shot.

I called the horses in and they started eating their grain. I looked down the fence line and saw these amazing shadows on the clean, smooth snow.

I took the photo and then turned to the horses for a minute. When I looked back, the sun had changed and the shadows were gone.

We live in a beautiful world!



Time for more Tuesday Beauty!

This little shed isn’t much to look at. It’s a common sight. A utilitarian thing.

As are the pallets stacked against the shed.

But somehow, in that late afternoon light it seemed so beautiful to me.

That sky grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

My heart just cracked wide open.

Yet again, I am reminded of the exquisite beauty in everyday, ordinary things.

As promised, for the next few Tuesdays I’m going to share some of the beauty I find in my world.

I don’t mean it in any way to be taken as bragging or boasting. Instead I want it to serve as a jump start for you to perhaps look at your own world with different eyes.

Eyes that search for what’s right, what’s working, what’s beautiful.

Today I offer a late afternoon photo of a piece of farm equipment.

I don’t know what it does, but it’s been sitting there for a while now.

When the little white terrier joined me, I knew I had to capture the image.

If you live on the land, have animals, farm or ranch, or just live outside the boundaries of town, you usually have at least a few pieces of machinery dotting the landscape.


Our boarding facility is no exception.

I’ve looked at this particular piece of machinery every day, and honestly never noticed it.

Until I really started paying attention. Then one late afternoon I saw this shot. And with a bit of manipulation of the digital image, I came up with what you see here.

We live in a beautiful world!




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