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Time for Tuesday Beauty


I’m always on the lookout for ordinary beauty – the things I may see a hundred times and then on time number one hundred and one, I really see it.

See it for the first time.

See it so that it takes my breath away in a moment of pure grace.

That’s how I felt about this scene at the paddocks. It all just worked: blue Colorado sky, white clouds, metal roof, and the red of the ball, the gate and the steeple on the roof. (I’m calling a steeple because I like the word and don’t know how else to describe it.)

I’m telling you, we live in a beautiful world. 

And aren’t we the lucky ones!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Algae on Pond

We don’t usually think of the algae that sometimes covers the surface of a stagnant pond as beautiful.

In fact to call someone “pond scum” means they are the lowest of the low. It is quite an insult.

But you know what?

When you look closely, it’s quite beautiful.

All those swirls and whorls. And  green that is stunning.

Really stunning.

Yet again, the natural world has reminded me that when I open my eyes, and my heart, there is beauty all around me.  And yes, sometimes in the most unusual places.

We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

It’s days like this that sorely test me.

Can I be mindful and notice beauty in my surroundings when I don’t want to see what I see?

I’m talking about our latest snowstorm.

Yes, I’m grateful for the moisture. Who wouldn’t be?

But holy snowbanks, it’s nearly the last week of April and we’re still wearing winter coats and boots, sweaters and gloves. And nary a daffodil or tulip on the horizon.

I miss spring.

So I challenged myself to find something beautiful, something to feed my spirit and remind me that I’m not in charge of the weather, or much of anything for that matter.

And I came upon these photos of icicles dripping from an old piece of machinery. And it is beautiful – to my eye anyway. I took photos from several angles, but think I like this one best.

So here we go:

We live in a beautiful world.

P.S. We went out yesterday to get Miss P. back in her coat. She ran in at a gallop when she saw us. At the car she was shaking, partly from the exertion but mostly from the cold.

We rubbed her down and got her coat back on. It always tugs at my heart when I see her shivering. She’s ready for spring too!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Salina Gas Station

We were driving through a small town in Kansas over the weekend when we went past this old gas station. They used to be called filling stations.

I still say that sometimes.


Isn’t this a looker?

We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Snow-covered Fairy

When you live in the Rocky Mountain west, you get used to March being the snowiest month of the year.

I remember many a snowy Easter morning in Wyoming when my sisters and I would be decked out in our frilly new Easter dresses and our winter coats.

I never believed my more southern friends who actually held egg hunts in their yards.

Their yards, I tell you!

In Cheyenne Wyoming that would be a non-event. At the very least, it would be colored eggs perched atop a bed of dry, brown grass, and more likely it would be eggs nestled in snow.

To this day my sister will quote this little Wyoming springtime ditty:

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz…

I wonder what this white stuff is.”

So when this most recent snowstorm hit , I happened to look outside on my deck to see this sweet little garden fairy covered in snow.

Doesn’t she look sweet? Look at the dollop of snow right on her tiny nose.

It made me smile. And value the many tiny, wonderful blessings that come my way each and every day.

We live in a beautiful world.


Time for Tuesday Beauty


On Sunday when I was feeding Pepper,  I kept looking at this peaked drift of snow. It fascinated me how on either side, the snow was blown away, with only the earth showing.

But oh my goodness that peak!

And then yesterday, we were at the pasture at just the right time for the sun to leave the shadow of the wire fence along the snowy peak.

Oh my goodness again!

Just another reminder that we are surrounded by unlimited beauty.

All we have to do is tune in.

Of course I can’t answer for you, but for me, I much prefer the beauty channel.

What beauty can you find today?


Time for Tuesday Beauty


I took this photo thinking I would post it on Valentine’s Day.

Funny how life often has a way of making other plans for us.

And then I realized that I could share this with you anytime. It didn’t have to be Valentine’s Day.

Sharing an “I Love You” isn’t a one-day experience. I want it to be an everyday experience.

Don’t you?

We live in a beautiful world!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the hearts were made by glueing two candy canes together. How clever is that!

P.P.S. I do, you know, love you…

Time for Tuesday Beauty

“If I could stop time and contemplate the true beauty of a given moment, my eyes would widen and my jaw would drop. Wait, I can do that! That’s why I photograph!”

~ Dewitt Jones, world-reknowned photographer

Colorado sunrise

Colorado sunrise

Dewitt Jones is one of my favorite photographers. He is incredibly talented and inspiring with more talent in the tip of his little finger than I will ever hope to have.

But what really resonates with me, besides being awed by his nature photography, is his focus on seeing beauty everyday. Check out his website and subscribe to his weekly photos.

You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


I took this photo in the fall when the days were long and we often were out feeding our two old sweeties at twilight.

For several days these two birds teased us. They came to visit, but kept their distance. I longed for a camera lens that would allow me a better look at them. But I didn’t have a long lens; just my little point and shoot camera that has served me quite well, really.

What I ended up capturing was this rather mysterious photo of the two birds at dusk.

There is something completely peaceful to me about this picture. It harkens me back to the fall when the pasture still held green grass and contented horses – a time that was easy and comfortable for all of us.


Perhaps the greatest blessing in my daily treks to the pasture to feed Bud and Pepper and make sure they have the medicine they need, is the peace that I  find. It gets me out of my busy too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-to-do-it life and into the world of nature where life moves at a completely different pace.


When I allow myself to relax into this world, I almost always find peace.

The quiet envelops me and forces me to slow down.

The horses respond in direct proportion to my level of stress. When I’m calm so are they. They provide instant biofeedback and a palpable reminder to settle myself.


I am able to look around and find so many things of interest – absolutely beautiful sights to enrich and sometimes thrill me.

Right in front of my nose.

So here’s the really fascinating thing about this.

The more I look, the more I see.

And I’m guessing the same is true for you.

You may not have a pasture and horses as your guides, but we walk in the same world. And it’s a world filled to the brim with wonder and beauty when you look for it.


In this crazybusy holiday season I invite you to set aside a little time to do something that causes you to slow your pace and breathe in the world of nature.

The options are endless.

For me the key is to simply notice what’s around me.

Notice and appreciate.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Glorious orange hibiscus

Sometimes I go to the nursery to give myself a visual treat. I like to look at what’s new and blooming.

I soak up the humid air and revel in the earthy aroma of rich black soil.


People in nurseries love plants and I usually feel among kindred spirits, even if we don’t exchange a single word. It’s the look on a person’s face when she’s choosing the perfect shrub rose, or he’s deciding which orchid to adopt.

Kindred souls.


If your spirit needs a boost in these hot dog days of summer, pack yourself off to a local nursery and wander among the blooming plants as if you were touring a botanical garden.

If you are anything like me, it will refresh you.

And remind you that there is beauty all around us, just waiting to thrill and inspire.

You might even find something you can’t live without.

We live in a beautiful world!



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