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“Cutest baby in the world,” I said to my hairdresser the other day.

“Really, he’s smart and funny and engaging. Nothing seems to frighten him. He smiles non-stop. Well almost.”

I was talking about my beautiful grandbaby, a boy that has now been on the planet an entire year.

And one week.

I have to watch myself, so that I don’t go on and on.

And on.

I do realize that others may not want to hear my stories or become a member of the same fan club.

They may have their own grandbaby to gush over.

I hope they do.

Because don’t we all need a fan club?

One or two or ten people who think we are just the best.

Grandparents often fill that role for children.


We don’t have the day-to-day concerns about raising kids.

We’re not the ones to worry about sleeping through the night, potty training, teeth brushing, homework, bedtime and manners.

The huge responsibility of parenting is off our shoulders.

Grandparents get to do the fun stuff.

And we get to be president of the fan club.

We collect photos and anecdotes, marveling at each and every one.

Unconditional love flows from an unending stream.


And the object of our attention and affection flourishes.

It’s like giving a steady dose of growth hormones.


Some of my very best memories from childhood are from times spent with my grandparents. All these years later I can still picture their houses, hear their voices and remember the wonder of being with them.

I bet you can too.

Such sweet rememberings.

Somewhere in life, unless we’re a celebrity (and who can really trust that?), the fan club goes away.

We lose our raving fans – the people who think we hung the moon and can do no wrong. The people who carry our photographs and tell our stories.

And smile all the while they talk about us.

Bring Back the Fan Club

Well, I’d like to bring back the fan club. The ones our grandparents presided over so many years ago.

This time though, we become fans for each other.


Here’s the Challenge

I’m challenging myself, and you if you’re willing to participate, to become a raving fan of everyday people.

The people in your life who make a difference but maybe don’t know that they do.

Let’s start telling them.

This holiday season and into 2011, let’s pull out that box of unconditional acceptance, dust it off, and use it.

Every day.

Because really, honestly, couldn’t you use a fan or two cheering you on?

Believing in you.

Supporting you.

Accepting you just as you are.

Being the back-up generator when your own power goes on the fritz?

I know I sure could.





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