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News Flash: It’s still winter.

I know the folks on the east coast have no doubt about that, but here in Colorado, Mother Nature toys with us. She’s tossed fifty and even sixty degree days at us, only to snap us back to reality with yesterday’s snowstorm.

Luckily we got coats on the Golden Girls so they were prepared. I had to do a bit of self talk to get my head in the right place to venture out. But I did – can’t bear to think about those two sweet old things going without their extra calories.

Once I arrived, I was thrilled with the beauty of the snow.

The day was hazy and it was still lightly snowing. The snow had muffled the sounds so that there was only a distant hum of traffic on the Interstate and a slight buzzing of wires overhead.

But mostly it was still.

So still I could hear the horses chewing their grain. I was alone with my horses and it was magical. And such a gift.

It made me realize, yet again, that there is always something beautiful to be found when you really open your eyes and heart to look.



I have a long-term relationship with these two trees in the pasture.

I’ve photographed them in every season. I’ve walked beneath them. I’ve taken deep breaths when I see them – perhaps the very literal definition of inspiration.


They’re not the most beautiful of trees by many standards, but to me they are exquisite.

They are survivors, continuing to leaf out each year, providing shade and a green respite here in this high desert land in which we live. They have been home to hawks and a shady napping spot for Miss P.


They are yin and yang, each buffeted by the wind that whips across the land, so that they lean significantly. Notice also how they mirror each other. If we were to magically combine them, and perhaps straighten them up a bit, they would become one, fully rounded tree.


I love them just as they are.

They encourage me to be more gentle with myself and others. To accept that after my many years on the planet, I too lean a little from the winds that have shaped me, and my leaves may not be what I think they ought to be, or what they once were.


Here’s the thing: For each of us, trees and humans, we are quite simply what we are.

And often it’s far from perfect – especially the perfection of some erudite definition.

But when we look at ourselves with a more loving eye, perhaps we are able to see our unique beauty.

It’s there.

I promise you that.

As I promise myself the same.


My challenge to you, should you be so inclined to accept it, is to look around your particular world.

Find something that at first glance may seem quite ordinary. And then spend enough time with it until you can see how truly extraordinary it is.

Then offer a quiet thank-you, and let the beauty soak into your very pores.

Here’s the radical suggestion:

Do it again, this time with something else, perhaps something completely different from the first.

Continue to seek beauty in the ordinary.

How darned radical is that?

P.S. If you look to the very left of the photo, you will see Pepper and Chickadee making their way to the gate.

Time for Tuesday Beauty


Sometimes when my spirit needs a little boost, I head to the produce section of the grocery store. I am crazy in love with the colors of fruit and veggies.

Bright, bold, and gorgeous!

Look at these tomatoes. OMG, I want a dress that color.

And have you noticed carrots? I mean really noticed them.

Their orange simply thrills me.

What perks you up when you need a little oomph?

I know not everyone is as excited about produce as I am, but there is something that energizes you.

Do tell.

We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty



I was at the feed store the other day, replenishing my supply of hay cubes and horse candy for Miss P. and her pals. While I was waiting for my order to be filled I heard the sweetest little cheeping sound.

Off in the corner was a cage filled with chicks.

A lot of chicks!

Who knows their eventual fate? But for right now, in this very moment it was a reminder to stop, slow down and notice.

Pay attention to the world around me.

It was definitely a moment of grace.

There’s a saying about people getting older: “Well she’s no spring chicken anymore.”

I’d never given it much thought until I saw these little balls of fluff. Yellow, fluffy, and innocent, they opened my heart. I got it – the saying that is.



Want a quick smile?

Spend a few minutes at the feed store with chicks. I guarantee it will lift your spirits.


We live in a beautiful world.


P.S. Good thing we live in the middle of town in a condo. I was dangerously close to adopting!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Some days the pasture gives me extra special  gifts.

Things that make my heart go thumpity, thump in my chest.

And my spirit soar.

This was one.

We live in a beautiful world.

P.S. Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

“I love to find the beauty in everyday objects.”

~Dale Chihuly

One day when I was waiting for the vet to arrive, I took a little walkabout around the boarding facility.

I was enchanted with the circles I found.

I kept wandering here and there, finding one round shape, and then another.

An old farm yard is full of beauty.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Faded Glory

I have no idea what this piece of equipment does. I just fell in love with the faded, chipped  paint and all those coils. The symmetry is what I was after when I snapped the photo.

For me it’s yet another reminder that we can find interesting, beautiful things all around us.

The challenge is to slow down long enough to see them.



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