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On New Year’s Eve, the Golden Girls had a cowboy pedicure – aka the farrier trimmed their hooves. I am always so grateful for his gentle manner with the old girls. He whispers sweet nothings to them as he allows them to set the pace. No quick movements or jerking of legs.

He’s been a true gem.

This was his first time to meet Chickadee. As he worked on her he said to us,

“There’s a place in Heaven for you for taking on the care and expenses of another old horse. Not many would do it.”

Rick and I looked at each other, shrugged and smiled.

We have a thing for old animals.

It was never really a question about taking Chickadee into our tribe. Truth be told, we’ve loved her for a long time. This latest move was just about making it official.

We weren’t always so enamored of old horses.

I suppose that came with our own animals growing older. And with us joining them. There are no “spring chickens” among us anymore.

 Loving these old animals has taught me a great deal.

I think the main thing I’ve learned is patience.

Or maybe kindness.

Or tolerance.

Or stillness.

When you lovingly care for an old animal and look into their eyes, you see such gratitude.

These are old souls who have much to teach us. And I am trying with all my might to learn their lessons.

I know that I’m a better person having known them–kinder, gentler, less quick to judge. And for that I am forever grateful.



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