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Wednesdays with Mija

On my forays around the house, I often see newspapers and magazines lying about.

I can’t help but look at the topics of some of the articles. Many are about helping humans become better communicators.

This just puzzles the heck out of me since cats are known far and wide to be extremely skilled communicators.

We’re born with it; there’s no teaching involved.

One of our best communication tactics is stating our expectations. Cats are one hundred percent clear about what we want. We always have been.

Check the history books if you doubt me. Or go see the musical Cats. All about clear expectations.

For example: 

  • Open the door
  • I want to sit in your lap
  • It’s time for my dinner
  • A little snack sounds good. Please get one for me.
  • I’m awake and want some company
  • I don’t like that. Stop doing it!
  • Rub my head
  • I’m cold and want to cuddle
  • I don’t “go” in a dirty litter box
  • What do you mean you’re out of kibble? Get to the store pronto.
  • I don’t do company.
  • If I don’t like you, I’m not going to spend time with you.

In other words, we state our needs in very clear cat language. And we fully expect you to react accordingly. If you don’t, we simply restate our requests until you do respond.

Simple really.

So tell me, why is it so hard for humans?

I just don’t get it.


Happy Wednesday!



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