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Well we finally learned the colt’s name.

It’s Sparky.

And doesn’t it just fit this little spark plug?

We also finally caught his mama’s name.

Baby Doll.

So Sparky and Baby Doll are doing just fine these days.

Sparky is growing up and learning about humans and the big wide world.

And Baby Doll is regaining her energy, now that her baby doesn’t need 24/7-care. Parents you do remember that glorious experience when the baby finally sleeps through the night? I think Baby Doll must be feeling the same giddy release!

Though make no mistake, she still keeps a close watch over her sweet boy.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, when Sparky was first trying to figure out why in the world anyone would want anything to eat other than sweet, delicious milk straight from Mama. He just wasn’t getting hay.

On this particular afternoon, he was mainly playing.

I swear I could hear an echo: “Hello down there.”

But that’s just me!

There are so, so, so many things to learn about when you’re born and first experiencing the world.

Like what that fleshy thing is that dangles from your mouth.

And why it’s so darned hard to control.

Sometimes you can use it to help suckle milk from your mama.

And other times you can use it to lick everything in sight.

Those are good.

But then there are other times.

The frustrating times.

The embarrassing times when you can’t seem to get control of your tongue.

You stick it out to lick something and it won’t go back in your mouth!

It flops to one side of your mouth like it didn’t even belong there.


So many things for a new colt to learn.

Time for Tuesday Beauty


When you’re new to the planet, it’s important to inform yourself and know the rules.

A big old sign with the word “warning” in bold letters makes anyone curious. And this colt is very curious

Of course, knowing how to read might help!


We live in a beautiful world!

Time for Tuesday Beauty

Yes, it’s official. I’m smitten.

Isn’t this the sweetest little face?

We live in a beautiful world!

Hello world!

One evening this week I had a meeting and couldn’t get out to feed our two old sweeties.

When Rick came home he told me there was a new little face in the barn.

A colt that looked a lot like Bud when he was a baby.

That means a little spotted rump.

And long spindly legs that just don’t seem to work all that well.

And bright eyes.

And a soft little nose.

Of course the next day I had to meet this little guy.

When we peeked into the stall he was stretched out beside his mama, taking a nap until we disturbed him. Then he popped up to greet us and have a little snack.

Mama looked tired.

If she could talk I suspect she would have given us a piece of her mind for waking her baby.

She’d been in confined quarters for a week with this little bundle of curiosity and energy.

Clearly, Mama could use a spa day.

We inadvertently violated a cardinal rule of parenting – horse or human:

Never wake a sleeping baby.

So sorry mama!

But what a little doll.



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