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My garden is springing back to life as it does every spring. It’s just in time because I was getting really tired of dry crumpled leaves, dusty soil and no signs of life.

Frankly I’ve had my fill of dry and dusty and lifeless.

Really done with that.


So this post is a little love note to Mother Nature. Thank you for coming through for me and showing me how ripe and luscious life can be.



Aren’t these iris just the bomb?



And clematis – oh my goodness you are amazing.



The lilacs have just finished showing off (they were the late blooming version.) Every morning as I sat on my deck with coffee I was enveloped with the scent of lilacs in bloom.


Pure deliciousness.


What a girl that Mother Nature is!

She’s just getting started. In the front I have peonies popping out like the huge crepe paper flowers we used to make when we were kids. Pink and white balls of gorgeousness.


And the roses. How could I forget to mention those lovelies?


After a barren winter, my senses are nearly on overload. My soul is plumping up and I am reminded that life is good.

Really good.

Time for Tuesday Beauty

I hope you’ve noticed these beauties, because they’ve been blooming their little hearts out this year. Rich purple flowers climbing up walls, trellises, garden gates, and fences.

I took this photo at my friend Rebecca’s house, where guests have the pleasure of walking under a purple archway dappled with sunlight to get to the front door.


The clematis are just about finished blooming for this season, but oh my goodness what a run they’ve had!


We live in a beautiful world. 



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