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Miss Chickadee is officially part of our herd. We’ve adopted her though we don’t yet have the papers. (That’s the unofficial part.)

Our boarding facility was recently sold to new owners. Chickadee belonged to the previous owner who didn’t know what to do with her when she left the property. Who wants a thirty-two year old mare?

Well, we do!

Chickadee and Pepper have become fast friends–the Golden Girls. Everyone around the facility has taken a shine to the two old gals. They get extra hay and quite a lot of attention, which makes my heart happy.

My husband has long harbored a dream of running a rescue program/retirement center for senior horses. I guess we’re doing it one horse at a time.

Chickadee is a sweet-tempered girl, so grateful for the extra feed, the warm coat we wrap her in, and our attention. She’d been literally put out to pasture, and was doing okay, though not great. Already she seems to be thriving as part of our herd.

Seems we’re destined to still be caring for two old sweeties.

 Welcome to the family Miss Chickadee!



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