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Joe and Parka

I am forever interested in how friendships occur in the pasture. Of course others would probably use a less human word, but friendships works for me.

Because I think the horses do become friends.

As I’ve gotten to know the herd by observing them every day, I see the connections.

One of my favorite friendships to watch is between two old boys, Joe and Parka. These two bachelors hang out together. Almost always, if you see one, the other is close by.

They know the way of the world and don’t put up with any shenanigans.

“Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt” is their motto. There’s no kicking and chasing and yee-hawing going on.

These boys are past all that.

Unless you try to move them away from the snack line. Then things could get a little “western,” to borrow a phrase from author C.J. Box.

Last week, I couldn’t find Joe. Parka stood alone at the fence line, and I swear he looked sad. I had this fear that Joe had moved to another boarding facility. I asked Parka, but he wasn’t saying.

And here’s the interesting (to me) thing: I felt sad too.

When the makeup of the pasture changes, I notice. I want all the main characters to be there, happily munching on grass and doing their horse thing – whatever that may be.

I’ve had to realize two rather staggering facts.

I am not in charge.


Change happens.

Both are lessons that keep showing up for me.

And I guess they’ll keep on showing up until I “get it.”

I’m not saying I like it, but I do know the lessons are coming.

P.S. Joe must have been taking a siesta in the shed on that day when I couldn’t find him. He’s back in all his elder statesman glory.

Big sigh!

Don’t have to deal with that loss today.

Thank you Universe!

“It’s not the strongest of species that survives, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

~ Charles Darwin

Jack Collage

There are days I hate change.

Thank you very much, but I like my life the way it is. It took me nearly twenty years to even change the configuration of furniture in my living room!


Safe to say I don’t do change well.

And yet, deep in my core, I know that change is part of life.

An important part of life.

And being resilient to change helps keep us going.


I know these things and I have to re-learn them often.

Really often.

In my mindfulness practice, I am reminded about the impermanence of everything.

I guess it’s what one would call a “growth edge” for me.


The most recent big change that I’m learning to accept is Amigo’s departure from the pasture.

On June first he moved to a different boarding facility. It was necessary because of his health. You may recall he’s been out of the pasture because of surgery on his foot. It was something that had to happen.

I understand. I just don’t like it!

So now the Herd of Oldsters is officially down to Pepper and Chickadee – The  Golden Girls.

I have to come clean about something.

Amigo’s real name is Jack.

When I started the blog, I didn’t know his name, so I gave him a blog name. But now I want to recognize this amazing horse for who he is, and was to everyone in our family.


Jack is Mr. Personality.

I have so many photos of him because he is so darned photogenic.

A big goof.

He was Bud’s loyal friend, right to the end, something I will never forget.


He had this way of strutting down the road. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.


Even a tad bit brash.

Sure of himself.


He’s the horse of a million faces.

The collage only scratches the surface of Jack’s expressions. Jack loves to stick out his tongue.

And he loves snacks. Almost as much as Pepper.


I figured out that we first met Jack in 2007, which means he’s been part of our pasture family for six years. I’ve talked to him, sung rock and roll with him, handed out snacks, and simply enjoyed the pleasure of his company.

He was a good friend to us; a great friend really.

And we’ll miss him.

So…dear, sweet Jack: have a good life.

Make some new friends; eat some grass, enjoy some sunsets, and have fun wherever you are.


And thank you so much for being such an important part of our lives.

We will never, ever forget you!


Via con Dios mi Amigo.

Wednesdays with Mija

There I’ve said it. I don’t like things in my life to change. I count on my life being predictable.

I like that.

I need predictability.

It makes me feel safe. And happy.

Here it is almost the end of September, and what’s happening?

The weather is getting cooler.

Not happy.

No, not at all.

You see, I love to sit at the edge of the sliding glass doors that open onto the deck and feel the warm summer air on my face. When the urge strikes, I meander outside for a drink of my special alfresco water, sit and ponder the state of the world as I gaze out at the garden.

Love that.

Lately  my people want the doors closed in the evening.  They’re getting chilly. This disrupts my routine.


I’ve suggested that they bundle up with sweaters, or even coats if need be, but they’ve vetoed the idea.

Which leaves me with no alternative but to meow loudly every time I want to go out for a drink of water, or to ponder.

They get up, let me out, grumble a bit and close the door.

Then I must meow again when I’m ready to come back inside.

Up they get, walk to the door, grumble some more and let me in.

Ten minutes later, we do it again.

And then again.

Depending on how late they stay up, we can do this dance many times in an evening.

Seems to me putting on a sweater is a much easier plan…


How do you handle change in your life?

With grace or grumbling?

Happy Wednesday!



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