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Wednesdays with Mija

When it comes to our garden, I have an important job. I’m the engineer in charge of water use.

I monitor water flow, taste, and overall usage. It’s quite a big task, you see.

Gardens don’t simply happen. In this high plains desert where we live, plants require water – usually lots of it.

My job is to make sure thirsty plants get their fair share of water.

Oh, I don’t actually do the work of watering. No, no, no!

I have people for that.

My role is much more important.

I monitor.



Take note of.

You can usually find me front and center anytime the hose comes out. I love drinking from puddles, clean of course, and meditating on the flowing water.


If you haven’t done so, perhaps you should try it. Water is very relaxing. Especially when your people handle it.


You do have people don’t you?


Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesdays With Mija

I’m sending you this short break from the recent horse drama.

Come on people, it’s summertime and the livin’ should be easy.

It’s my goal to get outside in the garden every day. Of course I don’t work in the garden, but appreciating a garden is just as good.

And I’m an expert appreciator.

What do you appreciate about summer?

Wednesdays with Mija

Now that my friends is what I’m talkin’ about.

A leisurely nap in the sun.

A little time in the garden.

Sum-sum-summertime is here.

How are you planning to enjoy your summer?

P.S. Please overlook the bare spots of dirt. The vinca had a particularly hard winter. I for one, love the feel of earth on my fur, so it totally works for me.


Wednesdays with Mija

Let me clear something up right away. I am NOT the crazy cat alluded to in the title of this blog post.

Just sayin’…

So here’s the story.

I live with an artist, which means we have many interesting and beautiful things around our house, and in our yard.

In fact, my artist (as I sometimes call her) specializes in art for the garden.

She glues little pieces of glass to just about anything. We have a bowling ball covered with glass, a terra cotta bird house thingy covered with glass, and a big chunk of sandstone sprouting three little glass-covered balls.

See what I mean?

The proper name for what she does is mosaic.

I’m never surprised when a new brightly colored object appears in my garden.

I like art. And I especially like this art.

I was however surprised to find a photograph on the computer of some kind of metal sculpture of a cat.

Kind of cute really.

We don’t actually own this particular sculpture, but I’m thinking we should.

I rather like the idea of cats in the garden.

Just not real, live cats because I’m the only one allowed here.

I’m not big on sharing my garden or my peeps.

But “art-ified” cats are another thing altogether.

I like it.

What about you?

Would you put a piece of art in your garden?

Note from Jean: The cat Mija is referring to is a metal sculpture that I saw at Fort Collins Nursery last weekend at their open house. He and some of his companions really charmed me.

Maybe he will come to live in our garden. Stranger things have happened!

Wednesdays with Mija

I hear a wide assortment of music as I wander around our house.

Between the computer, CD player, and the television, I get bombarded with tunes.

You can imagine my surprise and delight the other day when I heard a woman named Cheryl Wheeler, who is apparently a well-known folk artist, singing about a white cat.

Look carefully at the words I’m including here, because it could so easily be about me. In fact, the more I listened, the more certain I became that her song is about me.

I’ve been exerting some pressure for my peeps to buy the song, so I can listen whenever I want. So far, no luck. Maybe you can help?


White Cat by Cheryl Wheeler

I was a white cat once, but when I roll around I get all gray and brown,

And it does not make sense to waste a busy day licking the dirt away.

I have staff for that, sent here to serve the cat

I let my fur get gray and then I dock their pay.


It’s a brand new mornin’ as I stretch and arise

Amble over to the tale, little nibble on the kibble,

Shred a little sofa as I open my eyes.

Yes, I got ratted, matted, messed up hair,

This verbal fur ball does not care.

I want to be lord of the fleas,

I saunter and I do what I please.


I was a white cat once. I was a white cat once. I was a white cat once.


Get out in your gardens and get dirty. Yippee, it’s spring!!!


Happy Wednesday!

P.S. The “lord of the fleas” part isn’t about me. Just sayin’







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