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Wednesdays With Mija


They did it to me again. And so soon after the last time!

Off they went to who knows where, leaving me to deal with the cat sitter.

And, mind you it was over Christmas.

That definitely did not sit so well with me.

I had plans for the holidays.

Cuddling by the fireplace.

Playing with my toys.

And taking long, cozy naps together.

Well, as you can imagine, none of that happened. My cat sitter is nice enough, but she isn’t my family. She’s a stranger.

A paid caregiver.

And she doesn’t know my routine.

Take yesterday for example.

I didn’t get my dinner until nine o’clock at night.


My usual dinner hour is no later than six. Are you beginning to see why I was peeved?

I had this elaborate plan to snub them when they did arrive home.

I wasn’t going to even notice their presence. I’d yawn, stretch and casually glance in their direction.

“Oh, it’s you,” was the most I’d planned to say. I  was going to give them the cold cat shoulder. Make them suffer a bit.

Then they swooped in, all smiles and soft words. And darn it, I was so glad to see them.

“You’re here,” I meowed.


They picked me up, stroked my fur and gave me my dinner.

“Oh you poor baby. You must be starved.”

Well how could I keep my pout going with that kind of attention?

And then I started purring. I couldn’t help it.

I was sooooo glad to see them.

So much for the cold cat shoulder.

I’ll save it for another time.

For now, all is well in my world.

I hope that’s true for you too.

Happy New Year!!






Leaving town is always a last minute dash for me. No matter how well prepared I think I am, it’s usually an illusion. Something always pops up the day before that needs to be dealt with.

Being in business for myself doesn’t help. I make the decisions, do the work, follow up on phone calls and emails etc.

It’s all me – and I don’t mean that in an empire building, I rule the world way.

I mean that I typically have more to accomplish in any given day than one person can handle. I’ve looked into cloning myself, but with my fear of all things related to needles, I quickly rejected the notion.

Ah, the joys of being a small business.


When it comes to arranging care for our animals when we are away, we have high standards. We want to find caregivers who will be reliable, compassionate, and willing to follow the routines that we’ve established.

The good, the bad and yes, even the ugly.

Don’t we all have at least one animal care routine that we’ve started and wish we hadn’t, or at the very least, are slightly embarrassed by?

I know I can’t be the only one.

Can I?


It’s one thing to find someone to take care of Mija. While she does have a stringent set of guidelines for her caregivers, we’ve been fortunate to always find someone who loves cats and is willing to stay at our house and dole out fish flakes and cuddles. Someone who is one hundred percent trustworthy. This is important since they are staying in our home.


The horses have presented a larger challenge. This may come as a surprise, but not all horse people are as, shall we say, involved with their horses as we are. Bud and Pepper also have a routine and expectations about how their daily feeding is supposed to go.

And then, there’s the rest of the herd of oldsters.

Amigo, Red, Baby and Chickadee have been trained to expect hay cubes and other treats. Explaining that to our horse sitters has been a bit tricky.

“So you feed all of these horses?” I nod.

“Even the ones that aren’t yours?” More nodding.

“If you say so.” That’s when I get the smile. The “you must be crazy but I’ll do it” smile.


Though I must say, we’ve lucked out with the folks we’ve coerced into going to the pasture and feeding our two old sweeties. They’ve done a great job.

I always worry though.

Sharing your life with animals is a daily commitment – not one that you can ignore or only tend once in a while. They count on us to provide for them. It’s something I take very seriously.


So come on, tell us your crazy animal routines. The ones you have to explain to the pet sitter when you go away.  Don’t make me feel like the only crazy animal owner. It’s lonely out here by myself!




Wednesdays With Mija

My peeps went away last weekend and I must say, I wasn’t all that thrilled about being left with a babysitter – er…cat sitter.

She was nice enough, I guess, but she didn’t know all of my routines.

Even though I’m quite certain I heard each one being explained in detail.

Fish flakes when I first wake up.


A little sniff of air on the deck in the morning.


Leave the toilet seat up so I can have cold water. (Sorry but it’s true.)


Dinner no later than 6 PM.


Lap time while we watch a movie or several television shows.


I really did hear all of this being described, but I’ve come to believe that you just can’t trust cat sitters. Once they have the run of the house, they do just as they please.

Is it cat sitters I’m talking about, or cats?

Sometimes I get confused.


Yesterday she came back to the house to get some of her things she’d forgotten. I wasn’t happy to see her. In fact, I was afraid she might be back to stay. I gave her a long, slow, stink eye just to let her know she wasn’t welcome.

Sorry to be rude, but I am a cat. And I know exactly what I like.

How do you handle cat sitters?

I could use some pointers.




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