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Yesterday I introduced you to the little mare who does tricks for cubes. She’s a sweetheart – no doubt about it. She also has her mane braided – each braid tied off with a different colored rubber band.

She does tricks and has cute hair?


She’s a double whammy of cuteness.


Seeing her started me thinking about self esteem and perhaps even more important, self-compassion.

Why is it so hard for us as human beings to feel good in our own skin?

It seems we do this constant dance of comparison. And when we engage in this form of self abuse, we only end up feeling bad about ourselves.

Because here’s the thing: there will always be someone thinner, richer, better looking, or in better shape than you. Someone else will always have a better job, a nicer house.

And yet we end up believing that if only we lost those ten pounds, or got a new hairstyle, or found a better job, or started jogging, we’d somehow be better people.

More worthy.

More lovable.

But what I’ve learned in my work with people, is  that most of us could care less about what we see on the outside.

People like us/love us for what’s inside.  For who we are rather that what we are.


And that litany of worry and comparison usually occurs only in our heads.

As far as I’m concerned, if someone puts those kinds of judgments on you, they aren’t truly your friend.

And if it’s you – well for sure it’s time to treat yourself with a lot more kindness and compassion.


Pepper says she’s down with that.


She doesn’t have braids in her mane or do tricks for food, but she’s totally comfortable being just who she is.



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