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News Flash: It’s still winter.

I know the folks on the east coast have no doubt about that, but here in Colorado, Mother Nature toys with us. She’s tossed fifty and even sixty degree days at us, only to snap us back to reality with yesterday’s snowstorm.

Luckily we got coats on the Golden Girls so they were prepared. I had to do a bit of self talk to get my head in the right place to venture out. But I did – can’t bear to think about those two sweet old things going without their extra calories.

Once I arrived, I was thrilled with the beauty of the snow.

The day was hazy and it was still lightly snowing. The snow had muffled the sounds so that there was only a distant hum of traffic on the Interstate and a slight buzzing of wires overhead.

But mostly it was still.

So still I could hear the horses chewing their grain. I was alone with my horses and it was magical. And such a gift.

It made me realize, yet again, that there is always something beautiful to be found when you really open your eyes and heart to look.



Every year about this time I get a strong case of cabin fever. I yearn to go somewhere, preferably somewhere warm with long stretches of empty beach.

My toes ache for soft white sand.

My mouth hungers for margaritas sipped on the veranda at dusk, with a pinkish sky escorting in the nightfall.

My soul hungers for something different.

New experiences.

New things to look at.

New people to meet.

A break in the everyday routine of life.


But this year it simply isn’t to be.

My husband is recovering from surgery.

Our animals are growing more and more fragile and we are needed here with them.

And I’m good with that.

Yesterday we were talking about how our calling right now is caring for our old animals–giving them kindness and care at the end of their lives. It’s not everyone’s calling. But it definitely is ours.


In the meantime, I pull up my pictures of vacations past, and remember. For now, it does the trick. I get a little “hit” of the tropics without moving from my computer.


This photo was taken in Mexico some years ago on a secluded beach where we’d gone to snorkel. It’s my Blessing of Beauty for this Tuesday.


What about you? Are you yearning for a vacation?


I took this photograph on New Year’s Day when dark clouds and chilly temperatures greeted me in the pasture. The first day of the New Year–a clean slate filled with endless possibilities and a healthy dose of the unknown. I have no idea how the months will unfold. All I know is they will unfold and my job is to remain conscious and trust that things are unfolding exactly as they should.

And for someone who likes to be in serious control of her life, this trusting business is no small task!

Yet when I gaze at this photo with its golden grasses and churning grey clouds, I feel somehow relaxed.

Opened up.

And yes, maybe even a little ready to trust what this year may have in store for me.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us.

Our sweet little grandson and his parents have been visiting, filling our home with four-year-old energy. Oh my goodness, I should really say energy with a capital E! They’ve returned home now and I am working to get back to the routine of my life. In case you’ve wondered where my blog posts have been, this explains it, I hope.

I’ve been participating in an online creative photography course led by Catherine Anderson, which has given me wonderful inspiration and ideas.

Our most recent assignment was this:

 I encourage you to use your camera as an instrument of gratitude to photograph anything you see that touches your soul with a sense of beauty.  These are not necessarily large or grand things. Beauty and abundance surround us in many small ways: the shape of a leaf, the flow of water, the bird bathing in the birdbath.


Catherine calls them “blessings of beauty,” and this photograph is one of my blessings. From now on (for this year at least) I intend to offer a Blessing of Beauty in my Tuesday post.

Looking forward to our journey together this year, with Mija, the Golden Girls and blessings and blessings of beauty to inspire and soothe us.

 Onward into the New Year!



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