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Time for Tuesday Beauty.


Sometimes we are blessed with a quick glimpse of something magical, and then as quickly as it comes, it leaves.

That’s what I experienced with this shot.

I called the horses in and they started eating their grain. I looked down the fence line and saw these amazing shadows on the clean, smooth snow.

I took the photo and then turned to the horses for a minute. When I looked back, the sun had changed and the shadows were gone.

We live in a beautiful world!



Autumn Ballet

We live in an amazing, stunningly gorgeous world. A world of beauty that I sometimes don’t notice.

I get busy and don’t see what surrounds me. I rush from one task to the next with my head down and my focus diverted. I miss so much.

Learning to Pay Attention

I’m working to change that, by teaching myself to notice the small points of beauty in my world.

I’m making a list.

An everyday list that documents my beautiful world.

From time to time, I’ll share one or two items from the list with you.

I hope you’ll do the same by leaving a comment below about something of beauty in your world.


Think Small

Here’s what I’m learning – think small.

Here’s an example:

Yes, the turning of the aspen in the high country is a spectacular sight in the fall.

Thousands of people venture onto the highways to get a peek at the color. Many years, I’ve been one of them. This year, time and other circumstances prevented a major leaf-peeping drive.

You know what I found instead?

Glorious color lining the streets, and in my own backyard.

And in the pasture.

Oh my goodness.

This photo grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go until I shared it with you.

I call it Autumn Ballet.

These horses are not part of the Herd of Oldsters, but aren’t they magnificent!

Now it’s your turn.

What’s something beautiful in your world?






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