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When we recently took Mija in for a checkup for her back pain, the vet apologized in advance. “I’m about to make your life more complicated,” she said. Then she proceeded to describe the twice-daily medicine mixing procedure for Mija.

I shrugged it off with a laugh. “I’m already mixing meds for two horses. What’s one more?”

And it’s true – no big deal.

It helps that I now work from home. It could be a problem if I were rushing out the door to make it to work by eight o’clock every day.

But I’m not.

I did however find it amusing one afternoon when I gathered all of the medicines in one place.

Two people, two horses and one cat have amassed quite an arsenal of supplements/medications.

We’ve got potions and powders and capsules and liquids going into our bodies all the time.

And it made me wonder this:

Are all these meds part of the process of keeping aging bodies going, or simply attempts to be as healthy as we possibly can?

Maybe it’s just an issue of semantics.

Is it a natural part of aging, or is it prevention of aging?

Or both?

Or neither?

I do remember a time when I took a couple of aspirin now and then, and a multi vitamin and I was good to go.

These days it’s a bit more complicated.

Maybe it’s that we know more than we used to about keeping bodies healthy. Medicine has made some mind-boggling advances.

Or maybe it’s that we Baby Boomers are realizing that life really does have an ending date.

I don’t know. I think I’m still figuring it out.

Any light you can shed on this?

The one thing I do know is we are all in it together.



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