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It’s official. I am crazy in love.

Over the moon.

Ga Ga.



In love.

And the cause of this crazy love?

My grandson. Eight months of adorableness.

We’ve been deep in baby land for the past few days. It’s the reason I have dishes in my sink, a pile of laundry waiting to be washed, and no blog post written last Friday.

Babies have a way of focusing a person. Baby time is different than work time. It’s even different than play time. Somehow with babies, the universe folds into itself and the passage of time becomes something entirely new.

Hours take on new meaning. For that matter, so do days. If you’re smart, you sleep when the baby sleeps. And when he’s awake, you spend time with him.

You play, you laugh, you cuddle, you dance.

And time passes. I haven’t experienced this since my son was a baby. I’d forgotten the powerful pull of baby time.

Yes, I’ve become a doting grandmother. Proud of it too! So please bear with me as I share my excitement with you. I’m warning you now that there may be more than one blog post about this most important addition to our family.

As you can see from the photos, we’ve introduced the horses. You can never start too young when it comes to loving horses. I think we’ve got a great beginning.

Our little family is going home today and my life will head back toward regular time.

I’ll get the dishes out of the sink, the laundry washed, and back on schedule with the blog.

But I tell you this, something within me will be changed.

When your heart cracks open with so much love, it never shrinks back to its original size.



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