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It’s been a somewhat rainy July which isn’t all that unusual for this part of  Colorado.

It’s called “The Monsoon Season.” Funny in a way because this is the high desert, and compared to places where there are true monsoons, this isn’t much.

But it’s our monsoon season.


And oh my goodness, the clouds!

Every day the clouds are breathtaking.



I get an especially good look at the clouds when I’m in the pasture with Pepper.


Wide open spaces and big vistas.

But even just driving around town, the clouds are amazing.

Don’t miss them.

Life is much shorter than we ever expect it to be. 

Glorious Miss P

Sometimes, by nothing other than pure dumb luck, you take a photo that is so deliciously gorgeous, you want to weep.

Or jump up and down and cheer.

And to me this photo of our sweet girl is exactly that.

The light was perfect.

The sky was majestic.

And Miss P. looked like a movie star.


But more than all that, it captured a perfect moment in time.

Glorious summer evening.

Amazing clouds.

A feeling that I was in exactly the right place, for as long as I wanted to be there.

Nowhere to go; nothing to do but be right there.


I recently read a quote from one of my favorite authors/mentors, Mark Nepo. My paraphrase is this:

Instead of trying to be a celebrity, celebrate being.

Isn’t that juicy?

And so right on?


Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Present moment, perfect moment.



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