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Wednesday with Mija

I’ve had some back pain lately, which has called for several trips to the vet. This isn’t my favorite thing to do.

In fact it doesn’t place on my top ten.

Not even on my top twenty-five.

Sure, they’re nice enough there and try to make my experience “cat friendly.” On that count, I suppose they succeed.

But overall, it’s not my bowl of catnip, so to speak.

I’ve given this a great deal of thought and have come up with a few tips that may make a vet experience more tolerable for your cat.

I think it would work with dogs too, though I’m no expert on canines.

I’m pretty sure it would apply to human visits to the doctor as well.

Again, though, I’m no expert.

Mija’s Top Ten Tips when Visiting the Vet

  1. On the drive to the vet’s office, talk as loudly as you possibly can. This serves two purposes. It lets your driver know you are not a happy camper, and it discharges energy that is building in you.
  2. Never go to the vet alone. Take someone you like and trust. It’s a stressful experience and you will forget much of what the doctor/vet says. You’ll need someone with a cooler head to remember the details for you.
  3. Don’t talk to strangers in the waiting room. And for goodness sakes don’t touch anything. There’s no telling what kind of germs are lurking about.
  4. While we’re on the subject of the waiting room, keep a low profile while you wait. Hunker down in your carrier and keep quiet. Don’t draw attention to yourself.
  5. When in the exam room, explore every nook and cranny. I mean this: Check the place out thoroughly.
  6. Do something to help you relax. I prefer massage as you can see from the photos, but yoga works. Meditation works, as does deep breathing. But since you’ve brought someone along, why not put him to work?
  7. Never give the medical personnel the upper hand. Make it clear from the get go that they serve you and not the other way around. Maintain an attitude of superiority throughout the examination. Cats are naturally talented in this area, but I think dogs and humans can pick the attitude up with a bit of practice.
  8. Never bring cash or a credit card with you. Always let your driver pick up the tab. This works better for dogs and cats than it does for humans, who must be more fiscally responsible.
  9. Sleep on the way back home.
  10. Do everything you can to remain healthy so as to limit your trips to the vet/doctor.

Wednesdays with Mija

On my forays around the house, I often see newspapers and magazines lying about.

I can’t help but look at the topics of some of the articles. Many are about helping humans become better communicators.

This just puzzles the heck out of me since cats are known far and wide to be extremely skilled communicators.

We’re born with it; there’s no teaching involved.

One of our best communication tactics is stating our expectations. Cats are one hundred percent clear about what we want. We always have been.

Check the history books if you doubt me. Or go see the musical Cats. All about clear expectations.

For example: 

  • Open the door
  • I want to sit in your lap
  • It’s time for my dinner
  • A little snack sounds good. Please get one for me.
  • I’m awake and want some company
  • I don’t like that. Stop doing it!
  • Rub my head
  • I’m cold and want to cuddle
  • I don’t “go” in a dirty litter box
  • What do you mean you’re out of kibble? Get to the store pronto.
  • I don’t do company.
  • If I don’t like you, I’m not going to spend time with you.

In other words, we state our needs in very clear cat language. And we fully expect you to react accordingly. If you don’t, we simply restate our requests until you do respond.

Simple really.

So tell me, why is it so hard for humans?

I just don’t get it.


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesdays with Mija

It’s been a long, hot, busy summer. And for a somewhat introverted, aging cat, it’s been stressful.

Seriously, our house has seen more action in the past two months, than possibly ever.

I did hear my peeps say that toilet paper supplies were running low – a sure indication of the number of bodies in the house.

 Today is the last day of August.

Children are back in school, company is gone and there is the slightest nip of fall in the early morning air. We may still have hot days, but our nights and mornings are cooling off.

Love that! It means snuggling is ever so much more comfortable.

In many ways, September is my favorite month.  I can still doze on the deck in the afternoons, or spend time inspecting the gardens, when I’m of a mind to do so. I have my al fresco water bowl to keep me hydrated, numerous good napping spots, and a cool breeze to moderate the temperature.

My peeps seem a bit calmer too. They’ve returned to our daily routines and life all round just seems perfect.

Ah yes, it’s good to be me!

How do you plan to spend your September? Do tell…


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesdays with Mija

Our house has been full of noise – and people – the last few days. A week to be precise, if anyone wants the full story. Through the hubbub, I’ve tried to be a gracious host. You know that’s important to me.


I decided the best thing for me to do was stay out of the way.

Which meant spending the week in solitary confinement, only coming out for water and food in the late evening after you-know-who went to bed.

No sitting in my pots.

No lounging in the deck chairs.

No inspecting the garden.

And now, today they’re leaving to go back to their home. My people are going to miss them.

To be completely honest, I’m not.

Did I mention that he plays the drums?


And often.


I’m usually an early riser, but I think for the next few days I’ll sleep in. If you have a toddler coming to your house for a visit, I suggest you book a week at the most expensive spa you can find.


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesdays with Mija

It was a wild time last week at our house. I spent most of it staying out of the way of an exuberant little toddler.

Are there any non-exuberant ones?

I suspect not!

So anyway, the days were hot, busy and noisy, and frankly, it wore me out.

When our guests drove away, I gave a huge sigh and climbed onto my favorite lap.

And then I collapsed.

Entertaining can be quite exhausting.

So can avoiding toddlers.

Slowly but surely I’m reclaiming my space and getting everything back how I like it.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’ve learned that sometimes the best part of having houseguests is when they leave.

Then you can remember how great it was to spend time with them, without having to change a thing in your boring old routine of a life.

Cats (and some people) thrive on those boring old routines you know!


Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesdays With Mija

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m already making plans for the weekend.

Here’s my idea of the perfect afternoon. You’ll find me on the deck, in the chair, or a pot.

What about you?

How do you plan to get some rest and enjoy this glorious season?

P.S. In truth my week days and weekends look a lot alike. It’s one of the perks of being a cat.

Wednesdays with Mija

“When feeling urgent you must slow down.”

-Mark Nepo

Some bloggers are doing something called Wordless Wednesday.

Since this is my only day to be in the spotlight, I’m having trouble going totally wordless. I have entirely too much to say.

But I’ve decided that on occasion, I can say less.

So today, I leave you with this totally feline, on the money quotation from Mark Nepo.

And my illustration of just how to carry it out. 100%, full-out relaxation. Its my speciality. Well, one of them…

Chillax Baby, and Happy Wednesday!


Wednesdays With Mija

I have very little to say today. My lips are frozen shut! Well, not really.

But it is freezing cold.

And I don’t like it.

Not one single bit.

I’m dreaming of summer.

Aren’t you?

And by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, I can sleep anywhere. With a high degree of relaxation.

Stay warm and I’ll see you next week.

P.S. I don’t know why my peeps insist upon wearing black jeans and then grumble about getting white cat hair all over them.

Does that make any sense at all? No it does not.

Besides, isn’t that what those sticky rollers are for?

Wednesdays With Mija


They did it to me again. And so soon after the last time!

Off they went to who knows where, leaving me to deal with the cat sitter.

And, mind you it was over Christmas.

That definitely did not sit so well with me.

I had plans for the holidays.

Cuddling by the fireplace.

Playing with my toys.

And taking long, cozy naps together.

Well, as you can imagine, none of that happened. My cat sitter is nice enough, but she isn’t my family. She’s a stranger.

A paid caregiver.

And she doesn’t know my routine.

Take yesterday for example.

I didn’t get my dinner until nine o’clock at night.


My usual dinner hour is no later than six. Are you beginning to see why I was peeved?

I had this elaborate plan to snub them when they did arrive home.

I wasn’t going to even notice their presence. I’d yawn, stretch and casually glance in their direction.

“Oh, it’s you,” was the most I’d planned to say. I  was going to give them the cold cat shoulder. Make them suffer a bit.

Then they swooped in, all smiles and soft words. And darn it, I was so glad to see them.

“You’re here,” I meowed.


They picked me up, stroked my fur and gave me my dinner.

“Oh you poor baby. You must be starved.”

Well how could I keep my pout going with that kind of attention?

And then I started purring. I couldn’t help it.

I was sooooo glad to see them.

So much for the cold cat shoulder.

I’ll save it for another time.

For now, all is well in my world.

I hope that’s true for you too.

Happy New Year!!






Wednesdays with Mija

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

As near as I can tell from watching my peeps, it’s a time to eat food that you like. A lot of food, I might add. Spend time with people you care about. And generally slow down, watch movies, play games, and take naps.

Actually it sounds like the everyday life of a cat.

A cat that lives in a warm, cozy home with people who love and care for her.

A cat like me.

I know there are cats and dogs that live alone, cold and lonely. They have no homes or people who love them.

It makes me sad to think about how it must feel.

If you know of a lonely cat or dog, shower them with a little love.

For me, please.

Really, for yourself.

And while you’re being grateful, drop a bag or two of food by one of the animal shelters.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!





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