A couple of weeks ago, right before the big chill, Rick and I made a trip to New Mexico. We were sorely in need of a getaway. Usually when we go away, planning for our animals is a big deal. Once you invite those sweet beings into your life, you have to make plans for them.

With horses there is no, “we’ll just leave a big pile of hay out and they’ll nibble a bit of it each day until we return.”

No sir. Like me with candy corn, horses will eat until they are sick.

Until all the hay is gone.

And that’s just the first day.

This time our trip was different because we have family in town. On so many levels it is wonderful.

On the “feeding the horses level” it was a huge relief. We knew the Golden Girls were in good hands, which made our time away all the more relaxing.

It is a palpable reminder of the best that families offer – how we support each other. The feeling of, “I’ve got your back,” is priceless.

And we are so very grateful.